Commons Swarm - How are we doing?

Wednesday’s Weekly Commons Update - April 7th

Hi TEC! Through this thread we’ll be posting updates every Wednesday from how stuff is doing in the Commons Swarm. The main objective is to build a bridge between the TEC and 1Hive communities through the Commons Swarm, which is a united effort between both.

Some of this week’s advances:

  • We announced an Aragon connector for the hatch subgraph. Our beloved @paulo has put special attention in its documentation.

  • 1Hive is migrating!! Due to the implementation of Celeste, 1Hive has to be migrated to updated smart contracts. This is something very exciting because of what the process involves and we have a great learning opportunity in our sibling community. If you want to know more, check this thread in 1Hive’s forum.

  • We’re looking for publishers and distributors in TEC Comms! If you’re interested in contributing through content management please contact @chuygarcia92, @markop or @natesuits.

Some cool stuff you can check out:

  • Are you interested in boosting our Discord server? Discord offers better audio quality during calls when a certain boost level is reached, as well as custom emojis for the server. Check Discord Nitro out, you can contribute with a very accesible monthly membership to have more perks in our TEC server.
  • The Commons Simulator Game : See if You Can Save the Future with cadCAD, RadicalxChange and the Commons Stack.
  • @mzargham’s new post in the TEC Medium is mindblowing: Engineering Ethics in Web3.

See you next Monday in the Commons Swarm weekly meeting: 6:00 PM UTC @ 1Hive Discord Server!


Wednesday’s Weekly Commons Update - April 14th

Hi TEC! These are some of this week’s advances:

  • We closed the hatch and performed a Commons Upgrade Vote.
  • We have advances on the Hatch Configuration Dashboard (repo). Make sure you check out our Params Hack Sessions, where we are working in modeling the 1Hive marketplace bonding curve.
  • Working with 1Hive Gardens Swarm on the Gardens Template
  • Adria Massanet’s Code Review is nearing completion, last step is to review the voting permissions.
  • The Hatch Smart Contract will be used as an example of well written code for a college course!! Thank you Adria for this honor :slight_smile:

See you next Monday in the Commons Swarm weekly meeting @6:00 PM UTC - 1Hive Discord Server!

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