Category Topics

🧭 TEC Strategy & Governance

A space for discussing the strategic direction and governance of the TEC. This includes objectives, budgets, proposals, and governance frameworks.

❇️ TE Grants Program

All aspects of our grants initiatives, including the development and evolution of the program itself. Learn about current and past grant rounds, read success stories from grant recipients, and discuss the impact of funded projects.

⚛ Community Updates

Regular updates about the latest developments and important news within the TEC community, including, announcements, reports, and other important communications.

🌌 TE Discussion

A general discussion area for all topics related to Token Engineering. This is a place for members to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss trends in the field.

🗃️ Archive

A repository for old or inactive threads and categories. This helps keep the forum organized and makes it easier to find current and relevant discussions.