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🌈 Welcome to the TEC

Welcome to the Token Engineering Commons - we are so happy you are here!

πŸ—£ Advice Process

Advice Process is the first step to work on anything in the TEC. Our work is permissionless, so communication is key to sustain our mission, vision and values and avoid double work. Our Advice Process is divided in 3 sections: small, medium and large impact decisions.

🌱 Conviction Voting

β€œConviction Voting offers a novel decision making process that funds proposals based on the aggregated preference of community members, expressed continuously.”
Deep dive here.

πŸ” Tao Voting

Tao Voting is the voting process by which the Commons can modify its economic and governance settings. It is a very powerful voting application that is capable of performing many high-impact functions like mint and burn TEC tokens, install and remove applications (Modules) in the Commons, modify the parameters of all existing applications (Modules).

⚑️ Snapshot

Snapshot is an off-chain but token weighted governance tool used in the TEC for large impact cultural decisions, community signal and runoff votes.

✍️ Working Groups

This category is where we list all of our Working Groups!

βš› Community

Vision, mission, values, governance, culture & education

πŸ€– TEC

Formal discussion for the various parameters and how they work within the TEC

πŸ’‘ Ideas

Ideas for the TEC, such as new features or projects

πŸ’­ Feedback and Questions

Feedback, questions, bug, reporting and insights

β˜•οΈ Cafe

Questions about the meaning of life, jokes & general chats

πŸ„ Ecosystem

Discussions on news and related projects, ecosystem friends