TEC Working Groups Weekly Update, August 16

:hatching_chick: Congratulations to all Hatchers. Welcome! :hatching_chick:

The Hatch closed on Saturday Aug. 14th and, together, we raised over 1.57M. The top 10 participants already received this exclusive Hatch NFT, and all participants will receive a special for Hatchers only NFT.

If you participated in the Hatch, you were airdropped SWAGTEC which you can now use to claim your Hatch t-shirt from the TEC Swag shop!

If you’re new to the TEC, there is an orientation call every Wednesday at 6pm CET just for you! And, as always, all are welcome to join any of the weekly meetings on our calendar.

Monday, August 16, 2021

:satellite: Comms

:globe_with_meridians: Commons Swarm

  • We did it! The Hatch ended successfully, and we held a TECH minting party to mint TECH tokens for Builders an hour after the close!
  • The team continues on the Commons Upgrade, which includes the migration of the Hatch DAO into a 1hive Gardens and the replacement of a bonding curve instead of the dynamic issuance policy.
  • Forum Highlight: Commons Swarm weekly update

:dove: Gravity

  • Next Gravitron training starts Sept 21st. It is freely offered and you can register by adding your name here.
  • Forum Highlight: Take a look at this older post about the First Gravitron Training.

🏄‍♂️ Hatch Outreach

  • Kudos to the Hatch Outreach Working Group! The dedication of every single person that has participated in outreach efforts is a huge reason for our success!
  • As the Hatch Outreach Working Group has completed its mission, the group will come to an end. But first…
  • Join us on Wednesday, Aug. 18th at 6pm CET for the very last Hatch Outreach call and a celebration of a successful Hatch.
  • TEC Scouts will be doing outreach to communities and projects to proposals. More to come from them soon.

:microscope: Labs

  • Curious about the Proposal Inverter Spec? Read this.

:classical_building: Legal

  • Continuing work on the covenant.

:dizzy: 0mega

  • Next meeting will be on Wed., Aug 18th at 8PM CET.

:robot: Params

:raised_hands:t4: Soft Gov

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

  • Here is what we got on our plate for Sprint 16 : Aug 6 - 19.
  • Our Community Call every Thursday is now being livestreamed for anyone who can’t join due to the Discord limit. Note in that case, it’s also worth asking for help on the #Cant-join-Community-call channel.

:male_detective: Transparency

:books: Thanks for reading the update this week! Be sure to check out the calendar to join us on a call! :phone:

:two_hearts: Thank you to @Tamara for jumping in to write this update. :pray:


Amazing work Suga! :grinning:

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