First Graviton training


Starting: 21st January, ending 11th March.
For 8 sessions of 1h or 1h30min, total of 12 hours. (1 session per week) Thursdays 9:00 pm CET - After TEC community call

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The graviton is the hypothetical quantum of gravity, an elementary particle that mediates the force of gravity.

This short course aims to make people in the TEC understand the cultural principles to reproduce in the community and provide capacitation around non violent communication, understanding of conflicts and techniques to manage it (internally, individually and collectively), with the purpose of promoting trust into our shared rules and boundaries.

Gravitons shall be able to

  1. Make an effort to be present and accessible to the community, bringing high vibes and improving relationships, bringing the community together.

  2. Separate the people from problems. Making parties identify with themselves and the other as equals, rather than centering on their own conflictive thoughts-feelings.

  3. Self-determinate from all parties and recognize key management points by analyzing the information gathered.

  4. Promote empathy between conflicting parties with emotional intelligence. Building proximity from the abstraction of the problem and the humanization of apparent antithesis.

  5. Adapt their mindset for tolerance to conflictive situations, keeping calm and diplomacy to stand as an independent third party.

  6. Propose alternatives to deal with paradoxes while looking for the coexistence and attraction of opposites.

  7. Act according to institutional regulations while implementing actions to frame unwanted behavior within rules and boundaries (Terms & conditions / Codes of conduct / Graduated sanctions)

Plan of study:

Weekly pattern:

  1. Gravitons read the resources presented
  2. Gravitons attend the Class
  3. Gravitons answer the Questions to receive the POAP
  4. Resources to read for the next week are promoted

Session 1: Suggested coach - Regis Chapman (21th January)

“Trust creation”, Nonviolent communication & Spiral dynamics

a) NVC Summary (M. Rosenberg):

b) (video) Oren Jay Sofer. Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication - YouTube

c) Using Spiral Dynamics to understand development

d) Integral Dynamics, A new integration of Wilber’s Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics

e) (video) My stroke of insight - Jill Bolte Taylor


  1. How does NVC help to build trust and prevent conflicts?
  2. What is Spiral Dynamics and how does it understand development?
  3. What is the difference between separated and unified thinking?

Session 2: Suggested Coach - Juan Bell (28th January)

Theories of conflict, Antifragility and Conflict Management

  1. J. Paul Lederach, little book of conflict transformation

  2. Lederach Summary:

  3. Taleb, Antifragile. Things that gain from disorder

  4. (Video) Antifragile

  5. Conflict management and peacebuilding in everyday life

  6. Galtung, Conflict transformation by peaceful means

  7. (Español) Qué son los conflictos


  1. What is a conflict transformation platform according to J. P. Lederach?
  2. What are the key points of the transcend method as proposed by J. Galtung?
  3. What is the property of antifragility according to N. Taleb

Session 3: BATNA, Negotiations & Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms Suggested Coach: Juan Bell (4th February)

a) The future of ADR in 2020

b) What is a BATNA?:

c) Five ways to keep disputes out of court

d) Rahman, Mediation and mediator skills: a critical appraisal

e) Justice circles:

f) (video) W. Ury,

g) (Español) Sistemas alternativos de resolución de conflictos: negociación, conciliación, mediación, arbitraje, en el ámbito civil y mercantil


  1. What is the difference between BATNA, negotiation, mediation, conciliation & arbitrage
  2. What are the main steps of a mediation process, what are some the ethical standards of a mediator?
  3. What does the formula “Balcony, Bridge, Third Part” mean?

Session 4: Practical cases (individual conflicts) Feb 11th

a) Understanding the impact of role plays & simulations for conflict management

b) How exercises, cases and coaching can make you a better negotiator

c) Make the most of online negotiations

Session 5: Suggested Coach: Livia Deschermayer (Feb 18)

Soft Governance & Culture: Ostrom’s principles for enduring CPR Institutions

a) TEC Cultural build: soft Gov miro board

b) Rebuilding Companies as Communities Rebuilding Companies as Communities

c) Ostrom, Governing the Commons

d) Ostrom Summary

e) (Español) Ostrom Resumen


  1. What is the importance of having a strong cultural build in DAOs
  2. What are the similarities between CPRs and DAOs
  3. What are some of the principles for enduring CPR institutions, according to E. Ostrom

Session 6: TEC Code of conduct, participation in community management & benefits / requirements for gravitons. (Feb 25)

Gravitons participation in Community management → focus in this last two sessions is to understand that the purpose of gravity (and gravitons) is to bring us together.

(I) Role design

(II) General process

(III) Onboarding

  • Mechanisms to request Gravity conflict management

· Typeform

· & Calendly availability.

Session 7: Gravity process deep dive (forms, graduated sanctions) (MARCH 4)

a) Gravity initial document

b) Graduated sanctions → Soft Gov Miro board

c) Gravity Wg call notes

d) Forms for conciliation process/agreement - Apendix E : from page 88/131

Session 8: Practice case (group conflicts) (MARCH 11)

Collective role play


Update: First gen Gravitons (Discord Handles)

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Second graviton training in preparation!!
Save the dates! from the 21st September to 23rd of November!
Register here


Whoop whoop! @Juankbell Out of interest, who’s invited to join? Is it paid for? And if so, how much does it cost? Do interested people submit an application and get chosen to attend?

It could be helpful to have this information on the graphics like the one above :heart_eyes:

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Everyone is invited to join! the only requirement is to join the TEC Discord server and it’s free! you can register here and be attentive to the new blog post and study plan that will be announced soon :smiley:


That’s wonderful @Juankbell I love the generosity of it being free :green_heart: