Gravity 6 month funding from the TEC

Gravity initial funding proposal for 6 months operations

Updated on 12/01/2022

Makers of this proposal:
Juanka + Tamara + Morgan + Innov8tor3 + Zepti + Griff + Heather + chuy + Bianca

Proposal title

Gravity 6 month funding from the TEC


Our goal is to foster the practice of nonviolent communication, empathy, understanding and management of conflicts in decentralized communities, to facilitate human coordination and build a culture of trust between peers.

Proposal description

Tentative schedule:

  • This funding proposal will be posted in the TEC forum: 11th or 12th January and have open applications until the 20th of January 2022.
  • The review process for the applications will be done by the TEC stewards between the 20th of January to the 25th of January 2022
  • The Gravity Weekly call will host a presentation of the TEC steward’s process and open space for feedback and review of the assigned positions between the 25-28th of Jan 2022.
  • The Gravity Funding proposal will be posted in the TEC Conviction Voting app (gardens) by the 30th-31st of january.


  • Gravity aims to be sustainable and self-funding. This initial budget is planned to support operations of the project for 1 year - Until the first months of 2023.
  • Other proposals may be presented to the TEC or other DAOs to support creating Gravity as a Commons DAO, and the implementation of social sciences in the Token Engineering field, through specific teams.
  • This proposal aims to request funding from the TEC common pool at least two times in 2022 (every 6 months)

Services and Roles:

Role selection: will be done in a three step process, as follows:

  • Between the 11th January and the 20th of January 2020, there will be an open week for interested applicants to fill out this form and participate in the following stages: Graviton roles Application

  • Second, the applications will be reviewed by a team of three humans- 1 person from the commons stack, 1 TEC Gravity steward and 1 other steward from the TEC)

  • Third- there will be a collective decision making process between Gravitons.

Below are the services and roles to be funded:

Graviton training:

Expecting to have one 10-session course every 6-month period.

  • Graviton course instructors (2000 DAI)
  • Graviton training preparation and coordination team (1000 DAI)

Gravity Conflict management services:

  • 6 months of funding for conflict management services. 6K (1.000 DAI per month)

Graviton case management:

Expecting to have 2 cases per month. Each case requires 2 roles, takes about 10 to 15 hours and compensation is set at 300 DAI for case lead, and 200 DAI for SME or second Graviton. These cases require: preparation, analysis, recommendations and follow-up.

  • Graviton case lead 300 DAI
  • Graviton subject matter expert 200 DAI

Working Group roles:

Onboarding and orientation to this roles will happen with 2-3 calls the first weeks of february.

  • Coordination Lead: Organize Working Group activities in 3 month calendars with the contributors, containing diverse activities.
  • Treasury manager: Commit to the planned executions, transparency and ethical use of funds.
  • Operations manager: Coordinate Internal messaging and communication narratives and support platform management (Discord, Twitter, Hubspot, Gitcoin…)
  • Case managers Active Gravitons: Promote Gravity from their active participation in other Working groups/projects.

Pool for one-off bounties for trust creation, training and education activities + development teams
*New bounties can be created based on identified necessities

  • Leading book clubs (50 DAI per session) - 1 per week Approx 200 per month
  • Creating Safe spaces (100 DAI per session) - 1 per week Approx 400 per month
  • content creation (blogs, guides, transcripts In coordination with TEAMs) - Approx 800 per month
  • practice groups (100 DAI per session) - Approx 400 per month
  • Role plays (200 DAI per session) - once a month, Approx 200 per month
  • Continued education activities (100 DAI per session) - 1 per week approx 400 per month
  • Active Gravitons: 400 DAI monthly (2 people) - 800 DAI approx
  • Active Gravitons in other communities: 800 DAI month per Graviton
  • Complexity bonus: 200 DAI per case if Gravitons request it.
  • Inter graviton coordination: 200 DAI per session - once a month
  • platform maintenance costs: Approx 100 month
  • Graviton to graviton support: (100 per session) 1 per week approx 400 per month
  • Research initiatives & proposal iteration (400 xDAI per month)
  • Business development bounties (400 xDAI per month)
  • Integration/bot development/ support ops (400 xDAI per month)

Additional information to add

Gravity will use “Dework” to manage the coordination around distribution of bounties and payments- Funds will be received, stored and executed with this multisig for ethereum mainnet and this other multisig for XDAI

First and second Graviton trainings

Zenhub Repo

Dework Space

How does this proposal benefit the community and/or the field of Token Engineering?

Gravity is advancing the field of Token Engineering by providing cultural competence to manage conflict and build trust between peers in digital commons.

Gravity aims to be relevant in the design of sustainable socioeconomic systems, by identifying that taking care of the social layer of projects is a critical part for the success of these systems.

Amount requested (Only for Conviction Voting)

51.000 DAI for 6 months of activities

How will these funds be used? (Only for conviction voting)


The budget breakdown

Service Role Budget Rationale Monthly 3-Mo 6-Mo
Gravity N/A monthly rate 2 cases per month (500 DAI per case) (300 DAI for principal graviton & 200 for SME) 1000 3000 6000
Graviton training Instructors 10-sessions 2 trainings a year (2000 DAI for facilitators & 1000 for coordination team) 3000
WG Coordination manager monthly rate 2 hours a day, (mon-fri) (20 DAI per hour) 800 2400 4800
WG Operations manager monthly rate 2 hours a day, (mon-fri) (20 DAI per hour) 800 2400 4800
WG Treasury manager monthly rate 2 hours a day, (mon-fri) (20 DAI per hour) 800 2400 4800
Wg 2 Active Gravitons Monthly rate 1 hour a day, (mon-fri) (20 DAI per hour) 400 DAI per person 800 2400 4800
Bounties N/A Pool Bounties distributed according to contributions 3800 11400 22800
Totals: 8000 24000 51000
*All leftover or additional funding will go to the bounties pool

How will you share progress?

Through our Zenhub board we will keep track of the cases managed

Through the dework space and execution of bounty payments

Through the execution of the planned activities

Through new generations of Gravitons

Project information (if applies)

GravityDAO twitter

Gravity Conflict management grant for Gitcoin

Team Information

All Gravitons from first and second generations can claim bounties.

Team members and roles

Treasury manager, operations manager, coordination lead, active Gravitons and bounties for diverse trust creation, training and education activities.

Complementary information

It would be really cool to use the proposal inverter - Sync with Mertz & YGG

Anything else you would like to share?

List of prices (as services to other DAOs)

  • Setting up your organizational Gravity: 6.000. DAI (being capable to solve internal conflict)

  • Tailored Graviton training: 3.000 DAI (10 sessions - Having competent people being access points)

  • Gravity yearly safetynet: 12.000 DAI (per organization, covers support in all conflicts that may arise)

  • gravity Monthly safetynet: 1.000 DAI (per organization, support in all conflicts that may arise)

  • Management per 1 case to an external organization 800 DAI

  • Rewards for Gravitons on managing a case: 300 DAI for principal mediator + 200 DAI for secondary mediator.

This proposal is posted in the forum for advice process. Feedback is very well received :slight_smile:


I liked a lot the detailed proposal with the expenditure budgets and planned tasks.

I shared with @chuygarcia92 that on the Garden swarm of 1Hive we started using the new beta of GitHub projects as an alternative to ZenHub.

We like that there is a lot more flexibility to create different views on the fly of the open issues and it is already integrated on GitHub. Also, they have more automation in the pipeline that will be introduced soon so potentially will become a more powerful way to organize work.

Here is the official documentation: About projects (beta) - GitHub Docs

Here is the Gardens Swarm board: Gardens 🌻 · GitHub

Wanted to share it so you consider it as an alternative to ZenHub as well.

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