TEC WGs Weekly Update: Feb 7 - Feb 14

WG Weekly Updates

Monday, February 14th, 2022

Hello :wave:! These are the Working Group (WG) Weekly Updates: here’s what’s been happening lately in and around our many calendar calls. If you feel like you’re missing out, join us in real time during any of our many syncs or check out our YouTube channel archive for hundreds of recorded calls.

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

  • We’re currently in the middle of Sprint 27 (Feb. 4 - 17): here’s a link to our Sprint Board.
  • Our WG’s 3-month funding proposal passed! :partying_face: Thanks to everyone who supported it.
  • Last week during our Stewards Council we discussed the topic of power—where it comes from and how it flows within our community: here are some of our insights.
  • The Stewards’ statement of commitment period is open. During this period, current Stewards are invited to confirm their commitment to continue serving in this capacity or to retire from their role as Stewards. The ideal commitment is for 6 months but this time frame is not fixed and we can adapt to smaller commitments.
  • A Commons Stack AMA panel happened on February 11th, hosted by several TEC Stewards; if you missed it, here’s the recording.
  • As always, remember that retweeting is caring!
  • Forum Highlights:
    • Our Sprint Planning happens every other Friday,
    • Our Sprint Retrospective every other Thursday,
    • And our Stewards Weekly every other Wednesday.

:dove: Gravity

  • Gravity’s 6-month funding proposal is live on the TEC Garden and in our forum.
  • Next Tuesday (Feb. 15th), from 8 to 9 pm CET, we start our new education cycle for this year, where we’ll be having weekly practice groups to develop and test initiatives around two concepts:
    • Deep democracy—facilitated by Leen.
    • Liberating structures—facilitated by Jeremy.
  • Finally, the POAPs for our 2nd Graviton Training have been delivered. If you’re a newly-minted Graviton and you haven’t received yours yet, please contact BiancaGadelha#2667 on Discord.
  • Got peace? Fill out this Google Form if you’d like to spread it around; there are many ways to contribute besides mediation.

:raised_hands:t4: Soft Gov

  • This week, during our sync call, we discussed transparency of credentials and whether multi-sig addresses should be attached to names.
  • We’ve created the first draft of a pamphlet that informs people about our decision-making guidelines surrounding proposals and their advice process.
  • An important change in our voting protocol is the decision to discontinue using quadratic voting for our Snapshot votes until we have an identity solution that filters active users from just token holders.
    • And so we will shift from using quadratic, ranked-choice voting to ranked-choice voting; and from quadratic voting to single-choice voting.

:houses: Communitas

  • Our WG’s 3-month funding proposal is live on Gardens!
  • And we’ve reached 1,800 members on Discord (and counting)!
  • Last but not least, we’re currently working on an FAQs document and also on a Contributor’s Agreement: check the latter if you’d like to become involved.
  • Forum Highlight: Remember that our WG has 3 different types of meetings:
    • Our WG Weekly Sync is Mondays at 8 pm CET / 2 pm EST.
    • Our Orientation Call is Wednesdays at 6 pm CET / 9 am PST.
    • Our TEC Lounge is Fridays at 5 pm CET / 8 am PST.

:dizzy: 0mega

  • Our last weekly sync was hosted by a dream team of contributors from Longtail Financial, PrimeDAO, and our very own Labs WG:
    • They described the Proposal Inverter initiative, and agent-based simulations. If you missed it, here’s the recording.
  • Our next WG call (on Feb. 16th) will be hosted by Mert and will delve into how algorithmic policies change our behaviors—or not?
  • Our Consilience Library page is online and we’re actively looking for contributors: if you believe you’re a subject-matter expert on any of the 8 petals of our crypto-economic systems flower, and if you’d like to contribute, please message Mount Manu#3530 on Discord.
  • Currently, our WG has got 2 initiatives, funding proposals, that we’ve been forwarding:

:microscope: Labs

  • Vyvy-vi and YGG will soon team up to summon a Discord bot army: the session will take place from March 4th to May 6th and in it these two dev desperados will go all out on coding new minions for our server.
  • Remember that Metaverde is still hosting a Solidity study group (which started on Nov. 18th and will end on Feb. 24th).
  • Once again, the TE Fundamentals Course has opened for pre-registration.
  • Finally, our recurring events are the following:
    • For our DAO2DAO Models Workshops: join us Wednesdays at 9am PST/6pm CEST (at the PrimeDAO Discord server)
    • For Longtail Financial Open Office Hours: join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 pm PST / 9 pm CET on LTF’s Discord server
    • For BlockScience Open Office Hours: join us on Thursdays at 9 am PST / 6 pm CET (via Zoom Call)
  • Forum Highlight: Overwhelmed by awesomeness? We’ve got you: here’s a calendar with all the aforementioned events.

:satellite: Comms

  • Our funding proposal is finally live on our forum (on advice process)! We double-dare you to check it out and comment on ways to help us improve it.
  • Our WG’s T.E.A.M. has 4 teams, which are:
    • TE Academy team (syncs on Mondays at 5 pm CET / 10 am CT)
      • Working on a campaign to support the TE Fundamentals degree.
    • Twitter team (syncs on Mondays at 6 pm CET / 11 am CT)
      • Preparing a new Airtable workspace for Tweet organizational management
    • Animation & Video Production team (syncs on Mondays at 7 pm CET / 12 pm CT)
      • Pre-production for the Rewards quantification tutorial.
    • Translations team (syncs on Mondays at 9 pm CET / 2 pm CT)
      • Our first batch of translations is ready.
    • Hubspot team (syncs on Mondays at 10 pm CET / 3 pm CT )
      • Working on the next newsletter email, as well as forms to gather data.
  • Our Dework platform is ready to go: as soon as the funds hit our WG’s multi-sig wallet, we’ll be ready to start rewarding contributors in an expediently efficient manner.

:male_detective: Transparency

:classical_building: Legal

  • We have our sync calls every other Friday at 4 pm CET: join us and learn more about our legal framework.
  • We’re currently working in the following issues:
  • Open call for legal experts: we’re looking for contributors with legal expertise in the DAO space; DM iviangita on Discord if you’d like to be involved.

:gem: Rewards

  • After two Praise quantification trials, we’re now planning the real quant for either Monday (Feb. 21st) or the week after—a specific date will be set this week.
  • Our 2nd Test Quantification had some issues, data loss; we’re working on finding the root of what caused the problem.
  • Check out this forum post about SourceCred in the TEC as a context to what our WG seeks to accomplish.
  • Remember to DM Mitch (divine_comedian#5493) on Discord if you’d like to be involved in the praise quantification process because our open call to contributors is still live!
  • Forum Highlight: Our Rewards System sync calls are now on Wednesdays at 20:00 CET in our Reward-System VC. Also, check out our Rewards System Task Force Google Doc.

:books: Thank you for reading the WG Weekly update from Jan 1 - 13 :slight_smile: Be sure to check out the calendar to join us on a call! :phone:

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