Comms T.E.A.M. DAO Funding Proposal

Proposal title

Comms T.E.A.M. DAO Funding Proposal for 5 months


The Token Engineering Amplify Messengers work as a decentralized agency that provides communications services to projects that help advance Token Engineering.

Proposal description

  • The core function of the Comms T.E.A.M. DAO will be to provide services to TEC, but services can be provided to other TE-related projects if the community recognizes its commitment to advance Token Engineering.
  • The Comms T.E.A.M. DAO will be organized in the Dework platform where all T.E.A.M. contributors can participate while being transparent and accountable. Each T.E.A.M. will have its own Gnosis Safe associated to its Dework project workspace.
  • For the initial proposal (first 5 months) we will work with a minimum amount of expected hours per contributor per week. Additional hours spent can be considered.
  • All T.E.A.M. contributors are encouraged to integrate new contributors for lighter tasks.
  • Stewardship plays a guidance role and is in charge of coordinating the Comms WG weekly sync, but it is not an authority role.

T.E.A.M. Contributors:

  • Have a solid understanding of Token Engineering as a discipline, the potential of token economies and are able to develop suitable communication strategies for relevant target groups.
  • Have experience in the Communications field.
  • Comprehend the Commons Stack framework and its purpose to create micro economies around public goods.
  • Are capable of building bridges with other communities.
  • Have initiative to advance Token Engineering through Communications.

How does this proposal benefit the community and/or the field of Token Engineering?

Communications are a constant and growing need as the web3 space develops. The field of Token Engineering is no exception to this, and as the most brilliant minds work in advancing token engineering, there should be amplify messengers doing something to tell the world about the process. The Comms T.E.A.M. DAO will be a group of creatives collaborating to help the narrative of Token Engineering move forward along with the discipline itself.

Funding per T.E.A.M. / How will the funds be used?

TE Academy T.E.A.M.
Contributor Hours per week Total wxDAI
AnaTech 18 342
AngieBerryBerry 18 342
Retroactive Bonus - 2000

Total is $6,840 wxDai for 5 months + $2,000 of retroactive bonuses

The retroactive bonuses cover a period of approximately two months where the TE Academy T.E.A.M. contributors have preppared themselves with studies, research and constant sync with the TE Academy staff.

Twitter Planning T.E.A.M.
Contributor Hours per week Total wxDAI
Acidlazzer 20 380
Chuy 3 57
Juank 3 57
Manu 3 57
Retroactive Bonus (Juank, Ivy & Manu) - 1500

Total is $11,020 wxDai for 5 months + $1,500 of retroactive bonuses

The retroactive bonuses recognize volunteers that have helped out with content drafting for Twitter with no compensation in the past.

Animation & Video Production T.E.A.M.
Contributor Hours per week Total wxDAI
Acidlazzer 15 285
AlanTV 15 285
JohnJohnas 15 285
MarioRozo 15 285
Retroactive Bonus (Acidlazzer, AlanTV & JohnJonas) - 3000

Total is $22,800 wxDai + $3,000 of retroactive bonuses.

The retroactive bonuses cover preparation by the contributors with active research on different TEC-related matters, as well as the development of a production workflow that will be applied to the T.E.A.M.'s projects.

Translations T.E.A.M.*
Budget Amount of Words Total for Spanish Total for Turkish Total for Chinese Total for Portuguese
First Priority *** 375 375 375 375
Second Priority *** 375 375 375 375
Third Priority *** 375 375 375 375
Fourth Priority *** 375 375 375 375
Retroactive Bonus (Escanore, Mrtdlgc & EdgarWeb3) - 2000

More specific information about the Translations TEAM funding can be found in the content index and the presentation where we included some rationale behind our priority languages.

Total is $2,230 wxDai + $2,000 of retroactive bonuses.

The retroactive bonuses compensate translations contributors for a deep dive in the TEC content, a prioritization, and the development of a QA process to ensure quality translations.

Marketing T.E.A.M.
Contributor Hours per week Total wxDAI
Mount Manu 21 399
Nate 15 285
Gene (writer & webdev) 12 228
Durgadas 5 95
Acidlazzer 3 57
Retroactive Bonus (Mt Manu, Durgadas & Nate) - 3000
Hubspot Subscription - 540

Total is $21,280 wxDai + $3,000 of retroactive bonuses + $540 of the Hubspot subscription

The retroactive bonuses compensate months of preparation with security advising, credential management and database organization with the T.E.A.M.'s contributors.

Writer’s Guild
Contributor Bounty per article Total wxDAI
TEC Writers 300 3000
Retroactive Bonus (Gideon) - 300

At a $300 per article bounty we can have 10 articles for the next 5 months.

Total is $3,000 wxDai + $300 of retroactive bonuses

The retroactive bonus is to recognize Gideon’s efforts for pushing new content out.

Distribution of Funds

The T.E.A.M.s will receive compensation for their hours in weekly & bi-weekly periods.

How will you share progress?

The Comms WG call on Tuesdays at 12pm EST / 6pm CET will provide insights and advancements on the progress of T.E.A.M.s’ projects.


Hi @chuygarcia92 thanks for sharing!

First, as TE Academy team, we are happy to see this proposal! Over the last weeks we’ve streamlined our own marketing activities, and met with @AnaTech and @angieberryberry over the last month. So we totally see the value of the T.E.A.M supporting TE Academy.
Nevertheless, I think it’s fair to come up with more tangible objectives:
What would be the ideal outcome of ‘TE Academy T.E.A.M.’ after 5 months? For TE Academy, and for TE Commons?
There has to be value for both - let’s add this to this proposal!

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Thanks @akrtws for these suggestions! According to what we discussed with @AnaTech and @angieberryberry (main TEA T.E.A.M. contributors) in the TE Academy sync call here are some of the TE Academy TEAM deliverable objectives we can expect in the next months:

  1. Community members have a clear overview on all TEA/TEC activities and can find the place to go to easily

    • Sync Twitter/Discord/social media announcements TEA/TEC
    • Set up public calendars
    • Roll out process to sync
    • KPI1: TEA sign-ups / program participation ratio
  2. TEA students are onboarded to TE Fundamentals and all other TEA activities in a structured way and get active in learning and supporting others in learning.

    • Roll out comms for TEA Onboarding in social media (e.g. pinned tweets)
    • Make sure that students get active in learning and supporting others in learning (e.g. study groups)
    • KPI1: students who completed the TEA onboarding process (tbd in 2 weeks with Pati)
    • KPI2: students who are active in study groups/prepare for TE Fundamentals
  3. TEA students are guided to TEC, and have clear picture of TE Academy & TE Commons and how they can become active contributors at TEC

    • Sync the onboarding processes TEC+TEA (be aligned with Eduardo-TEC and Pati-TEA onboarding plans —> promote with text/ visuals/memes)
    • Guide students to TEC onboarding (handshake TEC Communitas WG)
    • KPI1: TEA students who completed the TEC onboarding

Other key goals:

  • The TE Academy T.E.A.M. is expected to have full responsibility for the proper management of the Twitter & Discord Announcements of TE Academy content.
  • Make sure the TE Academy comms are maximum professional (language, efficiency, data analytics).
  • Expanding to new channels if objectives 1-3 run smoothly. To be checked and considered in 2 months (April 2022).
  • Regular syncs to define narrative, content, timelines, collaborative campaigns, etc. are to be attended by the T.E.A.M.

Thanks for sharing @chuygarcia92 !
In fact, we (TE Academy) support these objectives, they will guide our joint activities, and should provide the community clear KPIs to measure the outcomes of this proposal - at least as far as TE Academy T.E.A.M. is concerned.
We’d be happy to see coordinated comms of TEC & TE Academy - I’m sure this will be beneficial for both communities.

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A dedicated Comms T.E.A.M. proposal for TE Academy is now up for voting at TEC Gardens. Thanks in advance for supporting it!
As beneficiary of the proposal, TE Academy and myself (akrtws) will abstain from voting.


Animation & Video Production T.E.A.M.

As part of the different discussions in our calls, we came to the decision of making some changes to the proposal, as well as some of the expected deliveries from this T.E.A.M.
We think that the TEC could take more advantage of a full-time Animation unit in a near future, when our different products have developed further, and while the Animation T.E.A.M. will still deliver a Rewards System Quantifier Tutorial project, we will look for sources of revenue in close communities like 1Hive and Shapeshift where there are stronger needs for animated content.
The new proposal will be divided in three main points:

  • Retroactive Bonuses for main contributors @alantv, @johnjonas, @MarioRozo and @acidlazzer for the prep work they’ve been doing the past months. $1,000 wxDAI each.
  • Compensation for the pre-production, production and post-production stages involved in the development of the animated Rewards System Quantifier’s Tutorial project. $1,000 wxDAI each.
  • As part of the ways the Animation T.E.A.M. will provide additional value to the Token Engineering Commons, the first three bounties that the unit lands are to be paid to the contributors in $TEC tokens.

The proposal will be requesting a total of $8,000 wxDAI.

Marketing (formerly Hubspot) T.E.A.M.

As you may have noticed, this TEAM is going through a rebranding that describes its functions and roadmap more accurately. Thanks to everyone that supported this decision!

Translations T.E.A.M. Proposal Adjustment

Hello TEC Community! As you may have heard, the Translations TEAM recently went through a Gravity process where we solved a conflict around the accuracy of our last funding proposal. We are very happy to share with you that we reached a resolution in which the TEC community will have the opportunity to help us decide the best outcome.


A miscalculation during the first advice process made the Translations T.E.A.M. request a lesser amount to what it should’ve been to cover the mentioned deliveries, which is why we’re re-approaching the community to run some signaling through our ideas, as well as welcoming any other suggested solutions.

Transparency - How are we doing?

As part of our compliance efforts, we’d like to provide the following links to follow-up on decisions that have been made so far:

  • Gnosis Safe
  • Dework Workspace with updated current contributions
    • Advances for deliveries have been included in the tasks descriptions under the “Done” column for the completed translations.


In this document, you’ll be able to see how much WXDAI the translations T.E.A.M. really needs to fully furfill the translations tasks. We currently have $4,230.00, so that’s $2,999.60 missing from the original proposal for a total of $7,229.60 that the T.E.A.M. originally needed.

In this case, we propose 2 options:

  1. Ask for the missing $2,999.60 so we can pay contributors for the rest of the proposal’s deliveries.
  2. Pay current contributions with the $4,230.00 the T.E.A.M. has and return what’s left to the common pool, after that, the T.E.A.M will work on a new proposal.

We appreciate any input through this decision process, and we’ll leave a soft poll in order to get better community signaling:

What should the Translations T.E.A.M. do with their funds after the Gravity resolution?
  • Ask for the missing $2,999.60 so we can pay contributors for the rest of the proposal’s deliveries
  • Pay current contributions with the $4,230.00 the T.E.A.M. has and return what’s left to the common pool, after that, the T.E.A.M will work on a new proposal

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Hey there! So I took the lead of the Translations T.E.A.M. two or three weeks ago, the last comment update that Chuy posted was requesting feedback for a miscalculation on the budget for this team.

That being said, they were requesting $2,999.60, which included translation that were both already being worked on and not started. To keep things organised and help me understand this better, we decided to put the non-started tasks on the backlog to be worked on a next proposal and just pay for the pending ones, which make up for a total of $1,991.42, there’s $865.91 on the multisig which means we would need 1,125.51, though I’d like to round it up to at least 1,150.00 to have a slight room there.

The option 1, Ask for the missing $2,999.60 so we can pay contributors for the rest of the proposal’s deliveries. received the majority of the votes so that’s what we’re going to do, asking instead for the corrected amount of $1,150.00.

You can see a more detailed description of this here: