TEC WGs Weekly Update: May 23 - 30

Monday, May 30th, 2022

Hello everyone! :wave: These are the Working Group Weekly Updates for the week of May 23 - 29. Within this post you’ll find what’s been happening lately in and around our many calendar calls. If you feel like you’re missing out, join us in real time during any of our many syncs or check out our YouTube channel archive for hundreds of recorded calls.

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

Stewards: Tamara, Nate
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 1PM EST/7PM CET

:dove: Gravity

Steward: Juan
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 11AM EST/5PM CET

  • The Third Graviton Training started on the 24th of May. You can check the study plan here
    • Sessions are on Tuesdays at 8PM CET
    • Next week we will have Durgadas talking about Unified Thinking
  • Call to action! on Mondays. Join us for observational research on psychology and wellbeing.
  • On Tuesdays we have the Umbrella coordination call in Aragon at 11 AM CET
  • Last Friday we had a call in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month
  • We are finalists in the Commons Prize! Remember to vote for your favourites.
  • If you’re in need of help managing a conflict, you can make a request through our typeform

:raised_hands: Soft Gov

Steward: Livia
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 1PM EST/7PM CET

  • We are going deeper into the conversation of Compensation in the TEC - Revisiting expectations. Some important points from our last session are:
    • Rotation in roles
    • Accountability
    • Museum of unfinished ideas
  • Resulting from our collaboration with 0mega we now have a draft for a workshop session that will be announced soon.
  • On the TE Governance Guild
    • We had a miro board collaborative session to understand structural questions we were having
    • Next week we will vote on a project and define an action plan

:houses: Communitas

Stewards: Eduardo, Tamara
Weekly Sync: Monday, 2PM EST/8PM CET
Orientation: Thursday, 1PM EST/7PM CET

:moneybag: Sampo

Steward: Gideon
Weekly Sync: Tuesday, 4PM EST/10PM CET

  • We have a new mission statement: The Sampo working group develops and grows the value of the economic layer of the Token Engineering Commons. It aligns this micro-economy with the TEC mission and the collective success and individual benefit of its token holders.
  • You can see what we are trying to do achive over time in Sampo’s strategy post
  • Our first project is a unified treasury report
  • Other task we are focusing on are:
    • Our WG manifesto
    • Getting feedback on a funding proposal
    • Working with stewards on overall budgeting/spending
    • Defining income-producing TEC services

:dizzy: 0mega

Steward: Sebnem
Weekly sync: Wednesday, 3PM EST/8PM CET

  • Our main project is the TE Consilience Library. Join us on Monday’s Imaginarium Creative call at 7:30PM CET.
  • Share your knowledge! Start curating resources and get feedback in our [discord channel](

:microscope: Labs

Steward: Shawn YGG
Weekly Sync: Friday, 11AM EST/5PM CET

  • We are on hiatus as we rethink how to have a more seasonal version of Labs.

:satellite: Comms

Steward: Chuy
Weekly Sync: Tuesday, 12PM EST/6PM CET

  • Our Animation proposal is almost passed. Feel free to join our team syncs if you want to be part of the conversation
  • The TE Academy T.E.A.M. has a proposal coming soon.
  • The Animation and video production team have been working on the character design for the quantificator tutotrial
  • Gene and Enti will cover for Manu in the marketing T.E.A.M. while he is away in June. If you’d like to help join our marketing call on Tuesday before our weekly sync call.
  • The translations T.E.A.M. has a forum post
  • On the twitter planning T.E.A.M. we are collectively creating a new bio so if you have some ideas to share with us clik here

:male_detective: Transparency

Stewards: Ivy, Zeptimus
Weekly Sync: Monday 11AM EST/5PM CET

:classical_building: Legal

Steward: Ivy
Weekly Sync: Every other Friday, 10AM EST/4PM CET

  • Open call for legal expters If you have a legal background & strong interest in decentralized technologies, we’d love to have you in our Legal WG. Contact our steward @iviangita on discord.
  • We continued our work on our Commons’ Content Ownership Agreement, as well as the updating of our covenant: here’s the working document for it (and here’s the ZenHub issue about it).
  • We’re considering offering legal services to other DAOs and charge the fee in $TEC: this could mean a transformation of our working group into a Legal Guild or into a schelling point for legal experts to coalesce around timely topics (i.e. Luna’s recent depegging and the legal ramifications of it).

:gem: Rewards

Steward: Mitch
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 2PM EST/8PM CET

  • Quantification #11 finished this week
  • Rewards for September 2021 are incoming. Check the forum post and the RAD analysis.
  • We brainstormed how to get everyone activated into Sourcecred.
  • We are working on categorizing praise by working group.
  • We encourage you to become a quantifier: it is a civic duty within our Commons.
  • Remember that anyone can become a praise-giver by typing the command /activate on any channel within our Discord server.

:books: Thank you for reading the WG Weekly update from May 23 - 30. Check our calendar and join us on a call soon! :wave: Goodbye!