Retroactive Funding for TEC Comms and Communitas

Retroactive funding for TEC Comms and Communitas


This is a retroactive funding proposal for compensation paid for TEC Comms & Communitas contributors before the Commons Upgrade and before they had their funding proposals passed. The covered period is August 2021 - February 2022.

Proposal description

This is the breakdown of the compensation paid by Griff for TEC contributors through the Giveth Trace - TEC Campaign. The total amount requested from the TEC Gardens would be sent to Griff’s address as retroactive funding.

Month Contributors Amount
August 2021 YGG, Chuy, Acid Lazzer, David & Mount Manu 10,180
September 2021 Chuy, David, Acid Lazzer, Eduardo & Mount Manu 9,202
October 2021 Eduardo, Chuy, Mount Manu, Acid Lazzer, David & ZER8 10,695
November 2021 ZER8, Chuy, Acid Lazzer, Mount Manu & Eduardo 9,732
December 2021 Eduardo, Chuy, Mount Manu, Acid Lazzer & ZER8 9,430
January 2022 Eduardo, Chuy, Acid Lazzer & Mount Manu 9,620
February 2022 Mount Manu, Chuy & Acid Lazzer 4,182
Total 63,041

Team Information

TEC Team: Griff, Chuy, Eduardo, Mount Manu, Acid Lazzer, David, ZER8

How does this proposal benefit the community and/or the field of Token Engineering?

TEC Comms and Communitas WGs were critical for the Commons Upgrade and got us where we were today. Griff donated these funds to keep everyone going when the Commons Stack couldn’t support the effort for legal reasons and there was no rewards system or access to capital for the TEC to pay for to do this critical work.

Amount requested

63,041 wxDAI - in month by month chunks


Thanks for pushing it in a critical moment with ur own money Griff :pray:


Thanks for everything Griff, big praise for you!

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