Vote Duration - Deep Dive

What is “Vote Duration”?

This is the maximum period of time it takes for a vote to pass or fail.

Most votes will take the entire vote duration to be decided, but they can pass/fail sooner if the support requirements are met assuming 100% quorum.

For instance, if a DAO has 10 tokens and the Dandelion Voting Instance has these Parameters:

Support Required: 60%
Minimum Quorum: 2%
Vote Duration: 3 days
Vote Proposal Buffer: 8 hours
Rage Quit Period: 24 hours
Tollgate Fee: 3 wxDAI

If 5 tokens vote no, the proposal will fail once the 5th token’s vote is cast.

If 6 tokens vote yes, the proposal will pass once the 6th token’s vote is cast.

Can Vote Duration be adjusted?

Yes, all parameters can be adjusted, but not at the time of the vote.

Vote Duration is chosen in advance of proposing, and can be adjusted like all parameters by Dandelion voting itself. However it is also possible to change the instance of Dandelion Voting being used for that permission (potentially changing the support, quorum, and all other parameters as well) as opposed to changing the vote duration for that DV instance

How independent is this parameter?

What other parameters are connected to it?

What other factors should we consider when deciding this parameter?

  • Maybe internet availability? We can’t make it 1 day or 2 days because people that want to vote might be away for a few days without internet connection

Good call on the 3 day minimum

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