Upgrade Impact Hours App

The demo hatch of this week has been finished successfully but we had a problem on the impact hours conversion. To solve it, all the community has to vote on a dandelion vote in order to upgrade the impact hours contract and fix the problem.

That’s the fix in the code:

And that’s the dandelion vote that uploads the app:


Fun facts: In order to create the vote, 3 wxdai were needed because of the tollgate fee (only applied in dandelion vote creation). At least 2% of all token holders are needed to support the proposal (min quorum), and they need 60% of votes in favor (support required). The vote should be open during 3 days (vote duration).

Note that because block time is shorter in xdai, the aragon frontend may mislead you telling that the vote duration is shorter than what it really is.

Did you already vote?


Voted with my TESTTEC tokens :+1:

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thnx for that. voted.