Dandelion Voting Parameters General Discussion

The fourth component we have demo’d is Dandelion Voting. While we break down the Commons into technical and cultural components, and then further break down the components into parameters to better understand the details and choices, the Commons must be designed holistically as all components must work together to create a healthy economy to coordinate value production within the Token Engineering Public Goods space.

The Facts

The Dandelion Voting App is like god-mode for the TEC.

It will have the power to upgrade the DAO, adding new applications and changing existing parameters. The first decision the DAO will have to make will be whether or not to upgrade to include the Conviction Voting and Augmented Bonding Curve apps. After that however, it will continue to be used for general DAO operations managing future upgrades, parameter adjustments, role/permissions adjustments, and any other decision besides which TE public Good projects to fund which is covered by Conviction Voting.

Test Dandelion Voting #1 on xDAI

[insert video demo here]

On Nov 19th, Sem demo’d our Dandelion Voting (DV) instance, which is still accessible here: https://aragon.1hive.org/#/0xd0817aa0f770d024f42f0222dba37536a05118dc/0x43f438d7fa348db3cc77200855b3a804d3e2a3f1/

This Test DV deployment was set with the following Parameters:

Support Required: 60%
Minimum Quorum: 2%
Vote Duration: 3 days
Vote Proposal Buffer: 8 hours
Rage Quit Period: 24 hours
Tollgate Fee: 3 wxDAI

Smaller Discussion Posts

Support Required

Minimum Quorum

Vote Duration

Vote Proposal Buffer

Rage Quit Period

Tollgate Fee

Number of Dandelion Voting Instances

General Reference Links:

Best technical documentation can be found here: https://www.notion.so/Technical-Documentation-2dea29d0a3014e6db22d8f17cf93e7d1

Audit by ConsenSys Dilligence: https://consensys.net/diligence/audits/2019/12/dandelion-organizations/

DV is one app in the Dandelion Org template: