Steward WG 3-month funding proposal

Key information

Proposal title

Steward WG 3-month funding proposal


The purpose is to provide compensation for the Stewarding and the coordination efforts of active Stewards and Working Group Coordination Leads (WGCL).

Proposal description

This proposal takes into account these assumptions:

  • Not all WGCL participate in the transversal coordination and those that do not are not compensated as part of this proposal. (They should be compensated as part of their WG’s proposal).
  • Stewards and WGCL should also be compensated in the WG in which they are active contributors. So, this is the additional compensation for the transversal activities they are responsible for and for their dedication to staying up to speed on everything that is happening in the TEC and our 11, and counting, working groups.
  • Estimates for an additional 2 Stewards and 1 additional WG (expecting Rewards WG to be launched by the time of the Commons Upgrade).
  • Factors in a small budget for special projects and bounties that support the WG objectives.

About Stewards & Working Group Coordination Leads (WGCL)

  • Gitcoin’s Owocki’s meme, “it’s all coordination”, is real.
  • Stewards and WGCL are a critical to our success at the TEC. They keep the ship moving forward and on-target.
  • Stewards:
    • are the MVV super-spreaders,
    • carry the know-how of the TEC (e.g., how we are organized, whom to ask about what, what projects are active across multiple WGs),
    • represent the TEC to the larger community,
    • raise, debate, resolve, coordinate, advocate, propagate,
    • are the civil servants of the community.
    • Expected time commitment: At least 10+ hours per week to keep active and “on top” of what’s happening, attend the Weekly, Council and Community calls, other WG calls, etc.
  • WGCLs:
    • are responsible for streams of work contained within a WG. For the coordination and surfacing inter-wg dependencies.
    • Expected time commitment: At least 10+ hours per week. Attending the Sprint planning & retro, Weekly call, Council call, WG calls, etc.
  • Stewards and WGCL may be active contributors in more than one WG.
  • WGCL may also be Stewards although not always.
  • Stewards may also be WGCL although not always.
  • Stewards and WGCL should remain active and present. Inactivity would be cause to self-offboard or be nominated for offboarding. The process by which that happens is outlined in the Stewards’ Manifesto.

Additional information to add


How does this proposal benefit the community or the field of Token Engineering?

Stewardship is the engine that keeps the TEC running. We also like to think we are building repeatable processes, practices and tools for other TE DOAs to utilize for themselves.

Amount requested (Only for conviction voting)

45,000 wxDAI. Address will be provided in the final proposal.

Caveat: This may be done over several proposal instead on one 3-month bundled proposal depending on the final CV parameters and community signals.

How will these funds be used? (Only for conviction voting)

Role Monthly Role/Budget #ppl Monthly 3-month
WGCL 750 WGCL 8 6000 18000
Steward 500 Steward 14 7000 21000
Special projects 2000 Special projects budget tbd 2000 6000
Totals: 15000 45000

*The compensation is cumulative. If someone has the responsibilities of both Steward and WGCL, they will receive compensation for both versus a member that is energizing the role of one or the other.

How will you share progress?

We seek to keep this process simple and transparent. During the first week of each month, each Steward or WGCL will post their compensation request on the #Steward discord channel. The post will include their role, work performed and associated github issues. If no objection is raised, the amount will be transferred. If an objection is raised, it will be mediated internally in the WG. If it is not able to be mediated within the WG, a Gravity form will be opened for assistance in mediation.

Complementary information

Project information

Community Stewards WG Manifesto

Team Information


Steward Discord handle
Chuy chuygarcia.eth#6692
Eduardo eduardovegap#0422
Griff griff#3281
Ivy iviangita#3204
Juanka Juankbell#7458
Livia liviade#1387
Mitch divine_comedian#5493
Nate natesuits#4789
Sebnem solsista#5370
Tamara Tam2140#9361
Ygg ygg_anderson#4998
Zeptimus Zeptimus#3359

Working Groups & WGCL (if the WG participates in transversal coordination events):

Working Group Scrum
Steward WGCL
Stewards Yes Tamara Tamara
Soft Gov Yes Livia Livia
Transparency Yes Ivy, Zeptimus Ivy/Zeptimus
Communitas Yes Eduardo, Tamara Tamara/Eduardo
Legal Yes Ivy Ivy
Communications Yes Chuy Chuy
Gravity Yes Juanka Juanka
Lab No Ygg
0mega No Sebnem
Parameters (not after commons upgrade) Griff
Commons Swarm (not after commons upgrade) Griff

Previous experience and interests

These are all the active Stewards and WGCLs in the TEC now.

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