TEC Working Groups Weekly Update, Dec 12th

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Hello :wave:! Here are the Working Group updates from the last week. If you feel like you’re missing out, check out the calendar and join us in real time during any of our many calls.

No Spotlight this week.

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

  • Sprint 23 has ended and we are now venturing into Sprint 24
  • We’re excited to welcome a new Steward: welcome Lauren!
  • Breaking News: listed below are the key dates for the CU, which we have extended to allow for a longer deliberation period:
    • Nov - Nov 18 <— Learn & Propose
    • Now - Dec 16 <— Propose & Debate
    • Dec 17 - 21 <— Debate & Rock the Vote
    • Dec 21 - Jan 7 <— Stewards Council & Voters pamphlet creation
    • Jan 7 - 13 <— Final (Runoff) Vote
  • Remember to keep track of the critical pieces of work for our CU through our ZenHub
  • Our Steward WG 3-month Funding Proposal is live on our forum: you’re invited to take a look at it, ask questions, and propose improvements
  • If you missed the previous programs, TE Academy’s Introduction to Token Engineering course will kick off once again on Wednesday Dec. 15 at 9:00am UTC
  • Last but not least, Gideon published an amazing article titled The Permissionless DAO and it is an interesting read for everyone in the space
  • Forum Highlight: As always, you’ll find many guiding references in our TEC Timeline here, in our TEC Handbook here, and in our TEC Retrospective Miro board, all of which are open for everyone to see. In it we visualize in-house empirical findings: what has gone well, what can be done better, and what specific actions we can take to keep progressing successfully

:dove: Gravity

:globe_with_meridians: Commons Swarm

:raised_hands:t4: Soft Gov

:houses: Communitas

:dizzy: 0mega

  • Our WG sync calls are now weekly: the next one will be Wednesday December 1st at 8PM CET in the Omega VC
  • We’ve started a Notion page for our TE Consilience Library
  • Some weeks ago we started a series on Ethical Decision-making frameworks
  • The planned Reward System discussion that was scheduled for Dec. 1st has been moved to next week for Wednesday Dec. 15th: in it we’ll co-design the funding and sharing of the assets that we’ll be creating within Omega so take so time to join us if you can
  • Our Consilience Library proposal is being structured to have 3 phases:
    • The first is the seeding phase, on which we’ll find subject matter experts and have them curate content in our Notion page
    • Second and third phases will also pertain to curation but will be open to the community

:microscope: Labs

  • Currently focusing on Rewards System Research: join us Fridays at 9am PST/6pm CEST (at our TEC Discord server)
  • For our Praise Evolution Taskforce: join us Thursdays at 7am PST/4pm CEST (at our TEC Discord server)
  • For our DAO2DAO Models Workshops: join us Wednesdays at 9am PST/6pm CEST (at the PrimeDAO Discord server)
  • For the Tokenspice Development Workshop: join us Mondays at 8am PST/5pm CEST (at the Token Engineering Academy Discord Server)
  • For BlockScience Open Office Hours: join us on Thursdays at 9am PST/6pm CEST (via Zoom Call)
  • For Longtail Financial Open Office Hours: join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm PST/9pm CEST on LTF’s Discord server
  • Forum Highlight: Solidity study group hosted by @metaverde: Nov 18 - Feb 24th

:satellite: Comms (soon to be T.E.A.M.)

  • Our Creative Onboarding campaign continues and we are actively looking for project managers, graphic designers, social media managers, copywriters, and animators to join our ranks as contributors
  • So far we’ve assembled 5 teams for kicking off T.E.A.M. after the CU:
    • TE Academy
    • Hubspot
    • Animation & Media
    • Translation
    • Twitter Planning
  • Bounties will soon be unveiled!

:male_detective: Transparency

:classical_building: Legal

  • Open call for legal experts: we’re looking for contributors with legal expertise in the DAO space; DM iviangita on Discord if you’d like to be involved
  • We’ve got a new draft of terms and conditions for the ABC
  • We’re creating a WG Funding Proposal that’ll enable us access to readily available capital in the (improbable but possible) event of legal action
  • Forum Highlight: Join us every other Friday at 16:00 CET for a chance to contribute and learn more about the ABC’s legal framework

:robot: Params

  • Check out our Commons Configuration Dashboard (CCD)!
  • Try our dashboard here and, if you’re feeling lost or lonely, check our Party Calendar for the date & time of our many Params Parties
  • We’ve added one more feature to our CCD: you can now simulate a funding request into the bonding curve as a way to understand what it’d take to pass a proposal
  • Check out our current Commons Configuration Proposals (if you’d like to support one, use only 1 vote because it’s likely that most current proposals will be forked after our debates)
  • As for the debate structure: we’ll deliberate on 5 proposals, each proponent having 5 minutes to explain and 5 minutes to respond to objections or feedback given by peers; the debates will last 1 week and you can DM Griff if you’d like to host
  • Forum Highlight: Don’t hesitate to open an issue on ZenHub if you have suggestions on how to improve our CCD

:gem: Rewards

  • This is the kickoff of the newly minted Rewards WG (and here is our manifesto)
  • Unfortunately, our trial praise quant has been moved until after new year. We’ll keep you posted on the exact date
  • On our next weekly meeting, Nuggan will present a demo for our Rewards Analytics and Distribution Dashboard (R.A.D.D.)
  • Check out the results for the Other Side of Praise Data Survey
  • We also have an open call to action to all quantifiers. DM Mitch or Livi on Discord if you’d like to be involved
  • Last but not least, here’s the Notion page for the DAO Rewards System Assemblage event we had last week
  • Forum Highlight: Our Rewards System sync calls are now on Wednesdays at 20:00 CET in our Community Hall VC. Check out our Rewards System Task Force Google Doc and our Reward Board for more detailed info on what we’re working on

:books: Thanks for reading the update this week! Be sure to check out the calendar to join us on a call! :phone: