Communitas WG 3-month funding proposal

Hello. We are submitting this proposal for 3 months of funding for the Communitas WG for advice process from the larger community. Thank you in advance for any thoughts and comments you wish to share that can make this a better proposal.

Following the Commons upgrade, a final version of this proposal will be submitted via Conviction Voting to support the activities within the Communitas WG.

Proposal title

Communitas WG 3-month funding


Community nurturing and the onboarding experience sets TEC apart. Let’s keep doing all the good we are doing, let’s make it even better.

Proposal description

This proposal covers a three month period.

The Communitas WG is dedicated to nurture, grow and guide the TEC community. The members of Communitas need to be “in the know” of what is happening here, in the TEC, and so are expected to spend a number of hours learning and keeping up. All compensated roles would expect a minimum of 20 hrs/wk.

The Communitas WG provides these services:

  • Onboarding
    • “Personal touch” 1-1 outreach to new members
    • Materials and media to improve the Orientation process
    • Design end-to-end onboarding experience
    • Surveys, analysis and other initiatives to improve experience
    • Continuous feedback loop with Communications WG to strengthen the links between communication / outreach and onboarding.
  • Community nurturing, guidance
    • Keep thing very social and alive in the community
    • Respond to all messages in the shared Discord channels
    • Token holder relations
    • 1-1 outreach to Hatchers and other token holders for key TEC events where they can participate or vote.
    • Build relationships with token holders, create informative materials and media to share.
  • Special projects (some examples)
    • Bounties for specific pieces of work
    • Discord bots and other tools for community management
    • Recurring or one-off social events
    • Mini-projects around appreciation for community or token holders (POAPs, swag, other kinds of shows of appreciation)

The Communitas WG will compensate these key roles:

  1. Steward. Facilitate weekly call, Orientation call and the TEC lounge, provide guidance to old and new contributors, represent the WG, have a deep knowledge of the TEC and what is happening across multiple WGs, cross coordination with other WG and other communities. Quarterly review and update to the Manifesto.

  2. Working Group Coordination Lead (WGCL). WG representative for the Scrum events and transversal coordination. Coordinator for the pieces of work for the workstreams under this WG. Maintain the Sprint board and encourage updates to the issues for this WG. These responsibilities are generally done by the Steward but in some Working Groups the scope is large enough that someone else may take this on.

  3. Community builder. Primarily focused on the Onboarding experience and lifetime of a community member. Incorporates learnings from other communities and innovate new practices to facilitate and improve each step of the onboarding experience. Leading the pack in DAO onboarding.

  4. Guides. Keep track of the newcomers, update the spreadsheet assigned, welcome them through private or public messages and do the required follow up via calls. Keep track of the updates and the required documentation for newcomers.

  5. Community Ops. Continuous improvements require someone savvy in the way of discord bots, APIs and other interfaces and connections that allow for customizing the tools we use for more productive community management and smoother onboarding journey. We are budgeting 10 hours of week for this.

  6. Special projects. This is a budget set aside for special projects that do not fall under other specific roles. Some examples were listed above. Special project will be requested to and approved by the WG and will be calculated in number of hours.

There will be a weekly compensation rate of 420 for expected 15-20 hours of effort. This compensation will be distributed on a monthly basis, prorated by the number of days of the month. In this proposal, all roles are compensated equally. A tiered compensation structure could be considered for future proposals.

Additional information to add


How does this proposal benefit the community or the field of Token Engineering?

Communitas WG is nurturing and growing the TEC community while also developing processes, practices and tools that can be reused for other TE communities and other DAOs.

Amount requested (Only for conviction voting)

46,410 wxDAI. Address will be provided in the final proposal.

Caveat: This may be done over several proposal instead on one 3-month bundled proposal depending on the final CV parameters and community signals.

How will these funds be used? (Only for conviction voting)

Role Expected #hrs Weekly rate # ppl Weekly rate Approx monthly Approx 3-month
Steward 20 420 1 420 1820 5460
WGCL 20 420 1 420 1820 5460
Community builder 20 420 2 840 3640 10920
Guides 20 420 2 840 3640 10920
Community Ops 10 210 1 210 910 2730
Special Projects budget N/A 840 TBD 840 3640 10920
Total 3570 15470 46410

How will you share progress?

We seek to keep this process simple and transparent. During the first week of each month, each compensated contributor will post their compensation request on the #Communitas discord channel. The post will include their role and work performed and associated github issues. If no objection is raised, the amount will be transferred. If an objection is raised, it will be mediated internally in the WG. If it is not able to be mediated within the WG, a Gravity form will be opened for assistance in mediation.

Complementary information

Project information

Communitas WG Manifesto

Team Information

There will be between 7-10 compensated roles in the Communitas WG. The currently most active contributors are listed below with possible roles, if they choose to take them on. This is only meant to serve as an example of what the final team proposed may look like.

  1. Eduardo - Steward & Guide
  2. Tamara - Steward & WGCL
  3. Vyvy - Community Ops
  4. MS - Community builder
  5. Gideon - Community builder and Special Projects budget
  6. Aloysius - Guide
  7. Gene - Guide
  8. Nate - Special Projects budget
  9. Durgadas - Special Projects budget
  10. LBS - Special Projects budget

Previous experience and interests

These are all the current active members of the Communitas WG.