TEC WGs Weekly Update: June 13 - June 20

Friday, June 20th, 2022

Good Monday everyone! :wave: Here are the Working Group Weekly Updates for the week of June 13 - June 20. You can see what’s going on calendar calls. You may join us in real time during any of our many syncs or check out our YouTube channel archive for hundreds of recorded calls.

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

Stewards: Tamara, Nate
Weekly Sync: Tuesday, 1PM EST/7PM CET

  • We are finishing sprint #37. Here is the sprint board so you can see what is going on.
  • We’ve been trying to transform stewarding within the TEC, for that we did this poll
  • In addition, we also did a rose.thorn.bud as a retrospective process, evaluating what we’re doing well, and what can we do better.
  • On our weekly meeting we decided not to ask for compensation for June, and maybe summer, while we transform the role and the working group.
  • Remember that you can easily help the TEC by retweeting :heart:
  • Check out Gideon’s post on How do you become a member of a DAO

:dove: Gravity

Steward: Juan
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 11AM EST/5PM CET

  • The Third Graviton Training is ongoing. You can check the study plan here
    • Sessions are on Tuesdays at 8PM CET
    • Next session will be facilitated by Juanka, we will be talking about how to transform conflict.
  • Join us on Mondays for observational research on psychology and wellbeing.
  • On Tuesdays we have the Umbrella coordination call in Aragon at 11 AM CET
  • On Thursday we are starting a tailored training for the Aragon community at 10 PM CET.
  • On Friday, we have a website design call 8pm CET, with Durgadas.
  • You can support us by donating to our grant here
  • If you’re in need of help managing a conflict, you can make a request through our typeform

:raised_hands: Soft Gov

Steward: Livia
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 1PM EST/7PM CET

  • We are working on the TE Flower update. You can check our work here
  • Some things that we believe are important to be added to the TE FLower are:
    • Identity and Demography
    • Linguistics and memetics, semantics, semiotics.
    • History

:houses: Communitas

Stewards: Eduardo, Tamara
Weekly Sync: Monday, 2PM EST/8PM CET
Orientation: Thursday, 1PM EST/7PM CET

  • Our last Orientation Call was the first one to have no attendance for the past 9 months.
  • Check our our Funding Proposal. We also posted an Accountability Update
  • LBS suggested some changes to the template that we use on zenhub. If you have any feedback, tell us on the communitas text channel.
  • Also, on our last call we talked about the token holder message, and how can we improve the outreach that will be happening this week.

:moneybag: Sampo

Steward: Gideon
Weekly Sync: Tuesday, 4PM EST/10PM CET

  • Our Season 1 [Proposal] passed!
  • We are right now working on:
    • An update to the TEC token holders that is going up via DMs on Tuesday :envelope:
    • The need of treasury management
    • How to organize ouselves this week and next
    • Investigating token gating options (for services that require holding $TEC)
  • You can see what we are trying to do achive over time in Sampo’s strategy post

:dizzy: 0mega

Steward: Sebnem
Weekly sync: Wednesday, 3PM EST/8PM CET

  • You can check on what’s new on our working group on here
  • Our 0mega wiki will be up soon.
  • We have a new call structure, focused on deepening connections between our members.
  • We are making a game to help us build the TE Consilience Library.
  • Share your knowledge! Start curating resources and get feedback in our [discord channel](
  • Next WG call, on the 22nd of June, we’ll be having Intuitive Movement Meditation with Solsista :pray:

:microscope: Labs

Steward: Shawn YGG
Weekly Sync: Friday, 11AM EST/5PM CET

  • We are on hiatus as we rethink how to have a more seasonal version of Labs.

:satellite: Comms

Steward: Chuy
Weekly Sync: Tuesday, 12PM EST/6PM CET

  • The TE Academy T.E.A.M. has a proposal coming soon.
  • The Animation and Video Production T.E.A.M. is working on updates on the Rewards System WG call.
  • The marketing T.E.A.M. is focused right now on the #mintTEC campaing.
  • The translations T.E.A.M. has the first translations in Mirror.
  • The twitter planning T.E.A.M.is working on a new bio

:male_detective: Transparency

Stewards: Ivy, Zeptimus
Weekly Sync: Monday 11AM EST/5PM CET

:classical_building: Legal

Steward: Ivy
Weekly Sync: Every other Friday, 10AM EST/4PM CET

  • Open call for legal expters If you have a legal background & strong interest in decentralized technologies, we’d love to have you in our Legal WG. Contact our steward @iviangita on discord.

:gem: Rewards

Steward: Mitch
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 2PM EST/8PM CET

  • Quantification #13 is open.
  • Rewards for December 2021 are incoming. Check the forum post and the RAD analysis.
  • Our FAQ is live!
  • We are happy to see progress on the design and animation of the “quantifier” robot in GR14 promo banner!
  • #ActivateYourSourceCred - !sc save-wallet 0x000…000. Use the same address you used for activating praise!
  • Check this post about how to Improve the Rewards System
  • We encourage you to become a quantifier: it is a civic duty within our Commons.
  • Remember that anyone can become a praise-giver by typing the command /activate on any channel within our Discord server.

:books: Thank you for reading the WG Weekly update from June 13 - June 20. Check our calendar and join us on a call soon! :wave: Have a great week!