Proposal's Test List

Hello there!
This forum has been used for many proposals tests, so in case you have doubts or just wanna take a look of other’s members proposals, here you can find different topics that refer to previously made Tests:

Test - Funding Tickets for the Indigenomics Economuc Design Virtual Forum by ygg_anderson

Testing CV - Donate to Commons Stack by Griff

TEST - Translate to spanish the Onboarding and Resources Guide doc by ZeptimusQ

TEST2 TEC Common interface by RubenR

TEST 2 CV Funding Proposal: Walk Through Video by JessicaZartler

TEST 2 Conviction Voting: Signaling Proposa by JessicaZartler

TEST 2 CV Funding Proposal: Token Holder Charts by santigs

[TEST 2 - CONVICTION VOTING] Commons Proposal Guide & Example by liviade

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