Gravity easy Step by Step

Functions for Alternative Dispute Resolution in DAOs

1. Identification: One of the parties to a dispute approaches Gravity and requests a mediation. Gravitons can also propose issues to manage and discuss.
2. Screening: The parties provide the Gravitons assigned all the relevant information pertaining to the dispute and are invited to participate in a mediation process
3. Look for solutions: Gravity offers premises to frame the dispute in a non adversarial way and to conduct the mediation process aiming to reach a settlement agreement. Gravity keeps a copy of internal forms for evidence and registry.
4. Post mediation: Gravity acts as a witness and facilitator of the settlement of the dispute and will keep track of agreements and follow up, but each part acquires responsibilities associated with implementation. if the issue persists, it can scale to other Dispute resolution mechanisms for arbitration or litigation.

Forms for conflict management processes

Scale of conflicts - Graduated sanctions guideline

Gravity observation form

Gravity mediation form


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