TEC Working Groups Weekly Update, August 28

Saturday, August 28, 2021

:school_satchel: September semester! At the TEC, we consider offering and supporting education one of our core cultural practices. Classes are soon starting! This September, come to the TEC Lab if you are interested in better understanding Proposal Invertors, Market Models and/or NFT Economies. And if you are keen to learn and promote conflict resolution techniques in your life or your community, come to Gravity for the next round of Graviton training.

:point_right:t4: Spotlight: For our Community Call Spotlight this week, we had Petr present his project Upala, a price of forgery proof of personhood. Did you miss it? No problem! Watch it now.

:hatching_chick: Reminder for Hatchers: claim your POAP here and your exclusive Hatch t-shirt from the TEC Swag shop! If you participated in the Hatch, you were airdropped one SWAGTEC to cover the cost of the t-shirt and shipping.

:satellite: Comms

  • Continuing discussions of our Working Group’s funding model in the form of a Comms DAO.
  • Read our bi-weekly blog post on Medium.
  • We’ve Hatched. Here’s what comes next.
  • Campaigns in the works:
    • Commons upgrade parameters
    • Graviton training

:globe_with_meridians: Commons Swarm

  • We are doing a review of the Hatch to document where improvements can be made.
  • You can help user testing in Gardens - jump into the 1hive Discord and go to the #gardens channel to try it out! Test out conviction voting and other features.

:dove: Gravity

  • Upcoming Graviton training:
    • 10 sessions to practice skills to prevent and manage conflict in DAO’s from Sept 21 to Nov 23 - Register here.
    • Collect 6 or more POAPs to become a Graviton.
  • What are Gravitons?
    • Easy access points for folks in the community to reach out to if they need support to manage conflict.
  • Creation of the TEC Lounge: informal call on Fridays before meme parties to talk about non-TEC-related topics and to stimulate and nurture new ideas.

:microscope: Labs

  • Collaborating with Curvelabs on a final spec and model for the Propoosal Inverter. This is a good, long read about DAO2DAO Collaboration Mecahnisms if you’re curious to know more.
  • Collaborating with the Governauts on rewards research.
  • CadCAD study groups led by Heater on Tues at 8am PST / 5pm CEST on the TEC Discord.
  • We have TokenSPICE dev workshops every Mon 8am PST / 5pm CEST. What is TokenSPICE? A next generation token simulation framework developed at Oceanprotocol. Trent McConaghy jumps in to share his wisdom during our call. It’s software engineering, data analysis and the like in a seminar-style setting. Hop in and watch on the Token Engineering Discord #te-tokenspice channel.
  • Forum Highlights:

:classical_building: Legal

  • The Covenant is now on the forum. It’s the heart of the TEC; have a read!
  • Legal discussions about TEC treasury and sub-DAOs treasury diversification. Our community member, Shawn, shared his thoughts in this post.

:dizzy: 0mega

  • On vacation!

:robot: Params

:raised_hands:t4: Soft Gov

  • We invite you to read and comment on 4 important proposals in the forum! These are proposals that would have to be voted on before the Commons upgrade.
  1. Reward system moving forward
  2. 75% Governance giveback
  3. Should we do the initial buy into the bonding curve?
  4. One time change of TECH addresses

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

:male_detective: Transparency

  • Finishing “Discord Roles” doc in Github to be forum posted
  • Code of conduct for platform admins is in review process by Legal and Gravity.

:books: Thanks for reading the update this week! Be sure to check out the calendar to join us on a call. :phone:

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