How should we present and preserve the Transparency Audit Reports?

Hey everyone!

We are finishing the first post-hatch Transparency Audit (yay!) and I’ve been thinking about different ways to present and preserve the audits on the long run.

For now what I envision is having the reports written in markdown, upload them to IPFS and mint a (non-transferrable?) NFT that would live inside the DAO. This would allow us to collect the reports for easy access in a medium neither of us have the control to change anything from it. And who knows, probably there’s an interface where we can plug-in the DAO information and have it display documents held by the contract just like this one. (e.g. Gardens saves DAO’s Covenants on IPFS and displays them on the Covenant section, TEC’s: Gardens)

Accompanying the NFT there would be a pdf version of the markdown for ease of accessibility and use and maybe a presentation that would be more graphic and would help us go through the audit with even more ease?

Things we can particularly discuss about this?

  • Markdown is fairly simple, we can’t include graphics or other complex visualizations unless it’s through linking the file to an external document or image, which IMO we should avoid as much as possible.
  • I started doing some research on how to do that, doesn’t seem to be too complex but would be ideal to have someone with more experience there.
  • Any other kind of feedback, ideas or whatever please let me know!

Do you think this could affect the transparency and the reliability of the audit itself, right? unless there is a more transparent way of viewing the data.

I love the IPFS tokenized idea, we achieve the most transparency at the expense of some data, the question is: do we really want to / can we leave this data out of the document?, how crucial is this data for the audit?

I support this idea, having a more minimal version with all the essential info. And then having a more visual / friendly, broken down version designed maybe as a slideshow in horizontal ( I know you guys have had problems trying to insert spreadsheets into the google docs). In fact, I am currently working together with @ZeptimusQ to represent a part of the audit in a visual way.

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