Transparency WG Funding Proposal on CV

Proposal title: Transparency WG 3-month funding

Period covered: 3 months

Proposal description:

This proposal covers a three month period.

In case a portion of the budget is unused, it will be carried over to the next proposal, thus the next proposal will be lower.

The proposed budget will be divided among the contributors of the working group.

The Tasks and the Budget

How does this proposal benefit the community or the field of Token Engineering?

This will encourage and provide opportunities for the members to participate in upholding transparency and monitor the activities in the community. Providing equal access to information and involving agents to care for rules that apply to all eliminate the need for external agents and increase the commitment of participants to engage in the advice process. Trust comes when we can comprehend the behavior of other actors by using the same framework.

Amount requested (Only for conviction voting)

16956 XDAI

How will you share progress?

We will apply the best idea that comes from here

Team information


So much support for this proposal! Transparency is a core value for us and the TEC wouldn’t be what it is without this working group! Major praise to @ZeptimusQ and @iviangita who held the ground here for so long. Also - the TEC youtube channel is a work of art and it believe it will be useful for many research initiatives in the future.


The digital archive of every WG meeting since just about the start of the TEC is gold. We only have it, and are able to keep it up, because of @ZeptimusQ and @iviangita!

This proposal has all my support right now… and as soon as it is sure to pass, I will swing votes over the the Stewards WG funding!!


i’m new here and would like to vote for this, so in the spirit of improving the system, it would make it easier if (ordered by easy to complex):

  • a direct link to the vote: Gardens
  • a wrapper/plugin to stick the vote button (with some stats) from gardens right here or into whatever other web app

Hey regen, this proposal already passed. I dont understand

But check the gardens out and pls share your feedback :pray:

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me and @dough-naut has completed the dune dashboard

agreed to split between the both of us evenly. 50-50 , which equates to 750 DAI per person

jh: 0x8fdc1f4191a1d6b35117e475ccf6ad1fb4485248
dough-naut: 0x0D5830a0B95CCdDc602f87B69f75E76732702E00


Thanks u both rock! Dashboard is looking great :heart_eyes:

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I’m requesting 116.50 wxDAI for my contributions in Transparency during the month of February:

  • Recorded the weekly Transparency and bi-weekly Legal calls
  • Synced with Zep on task distribution, Dune, audit, forum posts, and signing the multisig to payout Dune wizards
  • Work session w/ the team on some documentation
  • Creating Zenhub issues for the audit report
  • Edited multisig transparency forum post
  • Multisig payout discussion with Zep and fixing payout sheet

I’m requesting 2256.50 wxDAI for my contributions in Transparency during the month of February:

Updating our content on Youtube and editing videos when needed
Stewarding transparency
Support several WGs
Clear DMs and answer in the forum
Set up the audit coordination.
Quantifiers support
Creating events and updating documentation
Update TEC source (transparency documentation)
Coordinate around transparency on TEC funds stewarding transparency and do payments
Coordinate with the dune wizards and the community to freeze the dune dashboard
Transparency around multi sigs doc
Discussion around transparency multisig doc
Starting discussion and exploring with other communities about DAO swaps

For future monthly request planning on doing a role base rate of 2.000 WXDAI and will share the responsabilities of the role here.

I’m requesting 19 WXDAI for my contributions to the Transparency WG during the month of February:

Requesting 147.25 wxDAI for contributing the following activities in Transparency:

Continuous fixes to the activity worksheet
Maintaining the decision tracking worksheet
Performing audit report research
Updating the community events

Documentation for tracking the transparency working group activities and distributions can be found here: TWG_Proposal_Activity - Google Tabellen

I am requesting 121.50 wxDAI for my contrubutions during February in Transparency Working Group:
-Weekly youtube thumbnails design, monitoring and edition.

Hope to have more collaboration at this new month and contribute the much I can, really excited to this commons upgrade!

Iviangita: Transaction 0x0ff78d0432c7ac1fda29e555802cd05cc013b1a60948d4e6cef568375ad91e93 - Gnosis Chain Explorer
ZeptimusQ: Transaction 0xd5c7a537f003952b56cbfa5631dd984cbd35e4a4edd9f9997022ba7f06f1044f - Gnosis Chain Explorer
Enti: Transaction 0xad3f738a4a2761a8ca5e794e9b56c59de1cef417addc37c16c6d6461fc225357 - Gnosis Chain Explorer
Ratio: Transaction 0x2fe3948341cbde08ac71eb830ad9e6ac1136909942f82c487672e473a6e88d60 - Gnosis Chain Explorer
Acidlazzer: Transaction 0x24ebf6128eaa5740b115f991f93e74891343f72d8173af0f98c1a4b4b8389f7b - Gnosis Chain Explorer

We were tracking the work done on this doc: TWG_Proposal_Activity - Google Tabellen

sorry for my noobiness :slight_smile: and happy to hear the proposal passed.

the feedback re. the vote button was related to UX - not sure if its worth the effort or even advisable in terms of opsec, but in a nutshell the suggestion is to make it easy to embed the “Support this proposal” button anywhere. benefit being that the user can click to support and sign the tx from anywhere - like this forum - without having to go to the gardens interface

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I am requesting 80 wxDAI for my contrubutions during March in Transparency Working Group:
-Weekly youtube thumbnails design, monitoring and edition.

I’m requesting 2000 WXDAI for my work in transparency this month based on this role.

I’m requesting 750 wxDAI for my role in Transparency WG with the following tasks:

  • Recording the Transparency WG and Legal WG calls and publishing them on YouTube
  • Updating the Youtube WG playlists regularly
  • Preparing and facilitating the Transparency Audit Report
  • Helping with managing the account credentials and documenting them for future Commons
  • Supporting the documentation of decisions and processes so they are transparent to the community
  • Perform other tasks such as multisig payout, research and other operations support

I’m requesting 133 WXDAI for my contributions to the Transparency WG during March which included:

  • Researching on structure for the audit report
  • Giving structure to the final document
  • Advancing on my parts of the audit

I´m requesting 50 WXDAI for my contribution to the Transparency WG during March for:

  • Recording calls
  • Uploading them to YouTube with its corresponding titles and descriptions

i am requesting 152 wxDAI for my contribution to the Transparency WG during March for:

Updating of the TEC Dune Dashboard to include the price of GIV and LP token.