TEC Working Groups Weekly Update, August 22

Sunday, August 22, 2021

:hatching_chick: Attention all Hatchers: don’t forget to claim your POAP here and your exclusive Hatch t-shirt from the TEC Swag shop! If you participated in the Hatch, you were airdropped one SWAGTEC which will cover the cost of the t-shirt and shipping.

:point_right:t4: Not to be missed: For our Community Call Spotlight this week, we had the inimitable Angela Kreitenweis present Governauts, a new Token Engineering branch focued on governance. Did you miss it? No problem! Watch it here.

:satellite: Comms

  • Join our content workshops hosted by @acidlazzer while Chuy is on vacation: Mondays @ 9pm CEt and Thursdays @ 4pm CET.
  • TEC Comms DAO - check out this draft for Comms funding and feel free to add comments!

:globe_with_meridians: Commons Swarm

:dove: Gravity

  • Call to action: Register for the upcoming Graviton training taking place September 21 - November 23.
  • Gravity would like to ask you to fill our survey. This typeform will help us to identify needs related to conflict management in decentralized organizations, aiming to improve processes and inform best practices, for prevention and dispute resolution in their communities.
  • Do you have or see a conflict in our community? Don’t hesistate to request support from Gravity for conflict management.

🏄‍♂️ Hatch Outreach

  • The Hatch is done! Hatch Outreach has completed its mission and had a “farewell” party on Wednesday. This will be the last update from this Working Group. But before we go, here is a last reminder:

:microscope: Labs

  • In partnership with Token Engineering Academy, oceanSPICE and LongTail Financial, Tokenspice Development Workshops are on Tues/Wed/Thurs 9pm PST / 6am CET.
  • Labs Meets: Fridays 9am PST/6pm CET @ TEC Discord

:classical_building: Legal

  • Legal WG is working on the covenant.
  • Next meeting is Friday, 10AM EST / 4PM CET.

:dizzy: 0mega

:robot: Params

:raised_hands:t4: Soft Gov

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

  • We just planned a new Sprint for Aug 20 - Sep 2. Have look at the Sprint Board to see what all the Working Groups will be doing these next two weeks.
  • This week was the end of one Sprint and the beginning of another! Get caught up with our latest Sprint Retrospective.

:male_detective: Transparency

This weekly update brought to you by @Tamara and @Suga. :books: Thanks for reading this week! Be sure to check out the calendar, and join us on a call! :phone:

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For Params:

Play with that ^^^

And if you find ways to improve it (its pretty rough, shouldnt be hard :wink: ), please make an issue with a screenshot here:

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Yes! It’s not here because this is an older update post. The latest one, Aug 28th, is here: TEC Working Groups Weekly Update, August 28

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Yep! just spamming the link everywhere! In fact, if you played with the demo and found a bug or have an idea on how to improve, make it here!