TEC Rewards Distribution - July 2021

We’re pleased to announce the first distribution of TEC Rewards from the Reward System! :tada:

This period covers praise given between July 11th and July 31st 2021. We allocated 2546 TEC tokens for rewards, with a 100:0 split between Praise and Sourcecred. Some praise accounts still haven’t been activated so the total amount below will be less than what we set aside to distribute.

Out of the total rewards:

  • 90% of the tokens were given as praise rewards,
  • 7% distributed among quantifiers and
  • 3% assigned to the reward board.

This data has been reviewed by the Quantifiers and the Reward Board, and has been submitted for distribution to the Reward Board DAO

You can check out the full period analysis here. :bar_chart:

Here are the distribution results:

Recipient Address Rewards in TEC
0xf8d1d34956cea24718cf8687588d6fedbc6d9aa6 226.196640278762
0x839395e20bbb182fa440d08f850e6c7a8f6f0780 204.797472551424
0x66df5a7715c5d4afbbfa52435c66aa20733be0d1 170.649426150286
0x970f31ffc1429c75b0bc56c42e92a58198e858cf 146.946575505324
0x320c338bcf70baaae26e96201c33b48105bc62c2 118.467582546018
0x0bf920dfe6d36829ab5b0e153857d4ca689e46fb 108.430031763732
0xc46c67bb7e84490d7ebdd0b8ecdaca68cf3823f4 102.565213677283
0x8aa27e90e139d5ab5704df69429341cbcb2d2464 82.9133131372285
0xf27838b0c3ba2eee13b6ed3fe13a90ef7b57a2cc 72.6951320195591
0xa3fcc4d905f381c5e9392207bf7918ef01b1ba44 71.8652673965738
0xb22981ba3fe1de2325935c91a3b717168fb86714 71.5603320853872
0x2fee53687906ba239602ed42cceee2ac8a4ada36 70.7100151250624
0xcf79c7eaec5bdc1a9e32d099c5d6bdf67e4cf6e8 68.3170075985879
0xa2ef65aececb83cd1bd3579a8669779099317952 58.0224192174156
0x8041748a2a16e9b7a3980107f4376774421642c8 56.7435700871617
0x2fa130927814b590623031e846f059df9554fdde 56.5901480236052
0x763d7d362b59aea3858a92a302e18cd41b1252d4 56.2844960404039
0xaa79b87dc8b046a5e4f7d03f1562d7fe5bf98737 37.4677781514399
0x77d40c87d423efb7ec576e80998a48377adf86df 33.4644801007456
0x38f80f8f76b1c44b2beefb63bb561f570fb6ddb6 31.5525123675456
0x301605c95acbed7a1fd9c2c0deee964e2afbd0c3 31.5449452129287
0x7d547666209755fb833f9b37eebea38ebf513abb 28.3768298133254
0x778549eb292ac98a96a05e122967f22efa003707 27.9984720824811
0xefa21088f3830cd7d9f526ea268f7aaba34f785f 27.493995108022
0x00d18ca9782be1caef611017c2fbc1a39779a57c 24.2706604995894
0x536c7e8f18d09d04697e0d2624b44bba575388c2 22.5109679659653
0x914c0e63f98a091e74b7c5e78993bb8de735ae74 19.4703414028553
0xa32aecda752cf4ef89956e83d60c04835d4fa867 19.4680397027385
0x1e975f53956d644868f3ea25690b1bbeda658565 19.390699070718
0x949bba9f1c13f2461835366aebcb53c852dd4308 18.8321254565589
0x7710e7e881333fd3396ca5966bed6e72746b612d 17.7003103662321
0xfe99402763531258875949d449db20157b77ec5c 17.5896834264432
0x852b8763ecb27beddc190d1792029bc17fd5439a 17.4927390893699
0xc68e8827fc1dd3b2bc94ca8b0228268f16dd6cf6 15.3771446306641
0xbcad90f4a1ed4067d9bc33d4089ff18a82250253 13.1819833426167
0xf48d4780a886900c263e72d475b1d8b0c7e5a987 13.1646058348851
0x66d9dfddc3ad45d6383d5b9e9354f60bc9d16a8e 12.6119243614779
0x1d921dff757610fbdb0073479e12c0a07d382677 10.9320160365291
0xff6d6a7718a234a84f740480dbb07f6c09cf1cd5 10.7630162500853
0xf2283b9c60bdbaf9b0c41b2f52907af7362a3302 10.3417779764119
0x826976d7c600d45fb8287ca1d7c76fc8eb732030 9.5475
0xf9c171fb0480fac34289cc5791519fec1d7978c3 9.5475
0xdd505da2e2a8017f38a715948c6b6a2922ba27f0 9.5475
0x9194b1713a8e07bc47b90fb7937e28e09b6cd100 9.33282402749371
0x88b353202e61fffef56bbfbc2748839e7c707e9f 9.28994348466468
0xc4d9d1a93068d311ab18e988244123430eb4f1cd 8.57610856580503
0xd3898129d4acb0f8039b1b9d6367b236f1e6100f 7.30137802607076
0xec952ed8e7c2aa466cac36fd611d2e87df1243d7 6.72467806954006
0xf8a798764a7c12e031b05c0f4acde7a950ef71a0 4.28805428290251
0x8758e5741de847363dd2715a62431cc0cbda4ca6 3.01172753752094
0x8aac40061e258d6e45fd13e214710abdf356285a 1.93466919705072
0xf49a19f72d0e106df462cfd6b5bebe42b6001616 0.839954162474434
0x343ef442add9bd565d51b606f444f9221ad0aeb6 0.252238487229559

Happy that we started distributing rewards and im personally rewarded well enough by the trace of july but if our goal is use the reward system as income for operations imo still far away of being acceptable and not in monetary value but as a % of the pool. (α)

37 (and 9 from the board) damm feels bad🥲

We had a small database issue in period 1. I’ll link to the post mortem below for transparency.

Hyphothesis: A backup and subsequent restore of the database led to some “duplicate praise links” becoming invalid. Imported praise items got assigned new ids in the database. The links did not get refreshed to reflect these new ids.

  • This affect 34 praise items during period 1.
  • In later periods the problem does not occur
  • We assess the effect on individual praise scores to be minimal why we have choosen not to try to fix this issue

See more details in this GitHub issue:

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Hey Reward WG! I am wondering what the reason was behind why we publish ETH addresses instead of discord handles? It seems to me that this creates an information asymmetry because a small group of us can map these addresses to names but most of the community cannot.


I figured this would be the least contentious way to display the information. The important factor to me was that a contributor could recognize their own eth address and see how much rewards they are going to get.

Yes, I can see that reasoning. Though I feel that we are better off addressing any contention, allowing it to happen, making space for resolution, rather than obfuscating the results in hopes of avoiding it.

This is the first one. We have time to adjust what needs to be adjusted in the subsequent distributions. I leave it to the Rewards and Soft Gov to move us forward on that topic but just want to close by saying: very happy that the rewards distribution is back online!!!

Tremendous effort by the Rewards WG!