TE Fundamentals (TE Academy)

Oh yes, great idea! :boom: :woman_cartwheeling:
You noticed that we plan study groups. Imagine we spin up local hubs, say in India @Jose!, in Europe, in the U.S., Canada, in Brazil… and people meet there for learning together!
Or we meet along main conferences. Would be awesome!


First, congratulations everyone for the successful Commons Upgrade that happened last week! :clap: :rocket:
With the winning proposal Goldilocks the community voted to generally set high barriers for large lump-sum funding proposals. Here, it’s technically not possible to receive enough conviction for $100K. Fair enough!
As a result, we’ll reduce our ask to $50K in this proposal and will come back with a second proposal later this year, sharing the results we’ve achieved until then. All other details of our proposal remain unchanged.
We plan to put up this $50K proposal for voting on Feb 1st.

Come with your questions!
We invite all TE Commons members to join us for an AMA SESSION
on Friday, Feb 4th, at 4pm UTC.

Add this to your calendar

Ask all your questions about this funding proposal and the TE Fundamentals education program! Kris Paruch and @Octopus will join from the content team, as well as Pati and @Heater to share what community activities we plan for TE Fundamentals!

See you there!


So excited about this!


Looking forward to it! An huge leap for making the Token Engineering discipline more cohesive and mainstream


Can’t wait for this to become real! Looking forward to Feb 4th :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Finally it is coming together! Very much needed - excited to get TE Fundamentals accessible to developers entering web3 and matched to token projects supporting the TEC


This proposal is live in the TEC Garden!


give ape token, ape eat 1 day

teach ape tokenomics, ape eat many days

teach ape mint token together, ape feed many ape many days

ape together strong



With this bachelor degree, I just want to get back to college!


totally agree with TE Fundamentals



This needs to be an NFT


for your trust in our team and the vision for TE Academy!! :pray:
Around 35% of the current total supply of $TEC was thrown behind this proposal, really grateful for such strong support, this is so encouraging for all the work ahead!

You are all amazing! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


This is such a transformational moment in funding educational programs! Congrats to the entire team of TE Fundamentals, most of whom also made the rewards systems research initiative possible :slight_smile:


great move, web3 space need this



Great news!
We’ve openend up pre-sign ups for students last Friday Feb 4th!
Only 4 hours later, we hit 100 registrations! In our first AMA session, people from Nigeria, Argentina, Nepal, Greece etc. attended, all excited to become a Token Engineer. Plus our next partner, 1kx.network confirmed.
Nice progress! :smiley:


Very, very good initiative. Looking forward supporting this.

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Hi everyone, here’s our first TE Fundamentals Milestone Report.
Please find more info about our achievements below, if you have any questions, just let us know!

:arrow_right: Key Achievements:
:rocket: 1125 pre sign-ups so far!
:rocket: New partner on board: ConsenSys!
:mag_right: Wanted: NFTs for education/certification, currently assessing projects/protocols, intros welcome. More below.

:arrow_right: Milestone report:
Milestone #1 completed, we are on schedule:
✓ content outline (total course)
✓ chapter 4 content outline (partner content)
✓ wireframes course platform
✓ min 50 pre-sign ups (students) —>1125 pre sign-ups so far = 20x!! However, it’s realistic to expect ~10% to graduate once the course is live

:arrow_right: Product Market Fit:

  • we’ve learned that our partners are most interested in finding Token Engineers via TE Fundamentals, not publishing cryptoeconomics content

  • that’s why we’ve removed chapter 4 (partner content), and instead focus on talent scouting and matchmaking

:arrow_right: Statistics:
From all sign-up collected (total 1125)

  • 33.5% aim to take up a token engineering role
  • fields of study: 36% with a background in Economics, 20% have a Math/Physics or Finance, 18% Data Science background
  • 28 PhDs or PhD candidates

:arrow_right: Building the student community:
We started weekly sessions “TE 360 Around the Globe” for aspiring students. The program is aimed at engaging TE students from all over the world (eg. Brazil, India, UK and many more) and is run by community hosts. They are doing an amazing job in building up excitement and motivation for the main course launching in Q3 this year.
An overview of the sessions and recordings is available here.

:arrow_right: NFT Certificate:
TE Fundamentals graduates will earn a certificate as proof of their knowledge. This NFT-based certificate will be the first building block in NFT-based composable proof of skills for our discipline. Here, we are looking for NFT projects/platform/protocols in the education sector to partner with. Recommendations and introductions welcome!

:arrow_right: TE Hard Skills feat. Machinations.io:
We are expanding our program on Token Engineering Hard Skills: tools, cases and insights on Token Engineering Modelling and Simulations. In April, Machinations was our guest, thanks to our partners 1kx. Machinations is a platform to design and predict game economy modelling, forecasting and optimization.
Find the recording here.

We are really thrilled by the number of people attending our sessions and signing up to the course. Thank you for your support - and let us know if you have any questions!


Hi everyone, here’s our brand new milestone report.
We are coming closer to the launch of TE Fundamentals, and made rrrreally great progress - read more below!
Hope to see you all at the launch event(s)! :heart: :muscle:

:arrow_right: Key Achievements:
:rocket: >2000 pre sign-ups so far!
:rocket: New partners on board: CryptoPlaza, Ethereum Foundation Road to Devcon, SCRF Smart Contract Research Forum
:rocket: Launch Dates set!

:arrow_right: Milestones Report:
Milestone #3 completed, we are on schedule
✓ course platform in beta-testing
✓ NFT certificate implementation (see more below)
✓ launch events in final stage preparation
✓ >8 promotion and onboarding events scheduled (like 20+ events with our local hosts, accelerators like Open Web Collective Blockchain Accelerator, Mint&Burn Podcast RMIT, Dappcon 2022, and more in the pipeline)

:arrow_right: Statistics:
From all sign-ups collected (in total 2120, Aug 22)

  • 33.7% aim to take up a token engineering role as their main occupation.
  • Fields of prior study: 41% economics, 37% computer science, 34% engineering, 18% data science, 15% Mathematics
  • 71 PhDs or PhD candidates

:arrow_right: Our Community Grows:
We’re currently onboarding local hosts who volunteer to provide P2P study groups for TE Fundamentals - in their local time zone and native language. This is part of our initiative “Save the Planet with token-based Economies" as a method to integrate a wide variety of local perspectives and creativity in building token-based economic systems.
All these hosts will start in September with offering TE Fundamentals study groups. Thus, we’ll be able to offer more than 10 study sessions every single week, in various time zones and languages.

:arrow_right: NFT Certificates:
TE Fundamentals graduates will earn a certificate as a proof of knowledge. This NFT-based certificate will be the first building block in NFT-based, composable proof of skills for our discipline. Here, we are integrating Otterspace.xyz to offer a super-smooth experience for students. Moreover, we provide input on the implementation of EIP-4973, the new Ethereum standard for Account-bound Tokens. :clap: Big shout out to General Magic @markop and team for building the course platform, certification process, and being an incredible partner in this journey!

:arrow_right: TE Fundamentals Launch Dates:

:calendar: TE Fundamentals Launch October 2022 - during Devcon!
The TE Fundamentals course will be live and available for everyone in October. We are currently discussing a Cryptoeconomics and Governance Community Hub at Devcon to celebrate and connect. We’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile:
:calendar: Sept 12: Early access for study groups!
Any TE Fundamentals student can either learn individually or join P2P learning sessions in their local time zones and languages. Study group members will get early access to the first TE Fundamentals module on Monday, September 12 during Berlin Blockchain Week.

:arrow_right: New Activities, Collaborate with TE Academy
TE Academy’s main goal is to make it easy for crypto projects to find experts in token engineering and leverage the full potential of token-based economies.
Our activities in the next months:
:fire: The first TE Job Fair on Friday, December 09, 2022
:fire: TE Hackathons from January 2023


Thank you so much for this update @akrtws ! I’m desperately looking forward to the launch, can’t wait! :raised_hands: 2000+ signups is a staggering achievement. Congrats =)

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Thank you for this Angela!

Looking forward to support in any way it is needed to make our ecosystem go better!