TE Consilience Library - an 0Mega WG initiative

TE Consilience Library


This initiative of the Working Group 0mega will create a 3-phased multidisciplinary library on token engineering to provide a learning and research environment for our community. This funding proposal is to facilitate the first phase. In the first phase 0mega WG contributors will build a library that has curations from subject matter experts with a multidisciplinary approach. In the second phase, we will open the library to public contributions. Also, we will reward quality contributions at that stage. If the library is liked by the community we will initiate phase three which will bring further development in UX.

Proposal description

What is the particular context: token engineering is an emerging discipline in the overlap between the social institution of engineering and web3 token ecosystems. As with any emerging technology, there is still a lot of uncertainty around the practice but it is already clear that these systems are deeply entangled with social and economic systems.

However, while cryptoeconomics is interdisciplinary by nature, it has so far predominantly been developed in the computer science community. The economic assumptions made and methods used in most existing protocols are rather limited compared with the existing body of relevant literature. There is still much room to incorporate methods from various economic disciplines.

What is the broader context: Consilience and Integral theories. In ‘Consilience: the Unity of Knowledge’, biologist E.O. Wilson suggests that different avenues of evidence could link together to create a common groundwork of explanation in the search for human wisdom. Wilber’s Integral theory on the other hand, tries to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching

What we want to create: given all of the above and after having conducted participatory research group discussions, examining the ethos of and ethics in token engineering as well as the shared vision and diversity of its communities, building a crowd sourced curated library is relevant to the task at hand and to the whole TE community.

Phase 1

TE Consilience Library V1.0:

TE Consilience Library will be a crowdsourced, curated database of knowledge under the Venn diagram of disciplines related to crypto economic systems engineering. In the beginning of our library we will have ‘seed curations’ from subject matter experts that will collect 5 to 10 articles. Each curation will be about one panel of the crypto economics flower which presents the multidisciplinary characteristics of the crypto economics. We will request them to justify how their selection would enrich our understanding of the topic. Those initial curators are called “seed curators” because while we are developing the library (we examined our roadmap below), we wanted to create a library where any person can share the knowledge that they find valuable. We wanted to create a library that does not have a technocratic structure and will respect the value of different perspectives. As our long discussion in the 0mega working group suggests, we believe in the value of the wisdom of the crowd and the contextuality of perspective. For example, we argue that an environmental economist who just joined crypto space can bring new valuable perspectives with her novel understanding and journey of the subject. In this stage we will set our notion library structure, write our manifesto and our contributor’s guideline. Also, we will coordinate with curators and create “seed” curator’s writing collections.

Outcomes of the first phase: We will have a library on Notion which has curations on the topics from crypto economics flower by subject matter experts.

Phase 2

After the seeding phase:

After the initial seed phase of 3 months we will open the library to public curations. Our librarians will check the content coming from outside contributors in terms of appropriateness of contributor 0mega guidelines and add curations into the library. At the end of each month we will reward some of those curations and increase their visibility. We wanted to have a library that is open to public curation because within 0mega working group we believe in the wisdom of crowds and the contextuality of perspectives and knowledge. In other words we believe each perspective has its unique value that can propel us forward.

If the library achieves significant success and is loved by the community, we plan to take one more step to create a more engaging library.

Outcome of the second phase: At the end of phase 2 we will have a library that has curations from subject matter experts and community contribution with a rewarding system for the high quality community contribution.

Phase 3

TE Consilience Library V2.0:

At this stage things are getting even more exciting ! In Library V2.0 we plan to incorporate Meta profiles to assign expertise badges and reputation points for visitors and curators. The reputation points will be used for “upvoting” selected curations of the library and guide open source publications in the wider space following advice and community feedback. The 0mega WG plans to initiate phase 3 according to the community’s demand for further development in the library.

How does this proposal benefit the community and/or the field of Token Engineering?

With the TE Consilience Library, the TE community will benefit from a helpful and handy interdisciplinary handbook. This also will incentivise newcomers and established experts to appreciate the interrelational fabric of the token engineering discipline, ultimately allowing some overlooked disciplines (such as ethics) in crypto economic systems to emerge. Through an holistic approach the library would help researchers and newcomers to understand complexities of crypto economics.

With the starting of the second phase the library will incorporate different perspectives about the multidisciplinary aspect of token engineering. This will enrich the library’s knowledge base with many different contextual perspectives, consequently it will create an excellent source for multidisciplinary research on cryptoeconomics.

Even though it’s still too early to say, a web3 project with these characteristics has got potential to galvanise adjacent “knowledge-based” communities in the space eager to join forces around a common objective (i.e. The Consilience Project, Game B, Linked Open Wisdom Commons, Emerge).

Amount requested (Only for Conviction Voting)

This funding proposal is for phase 1

Phase1: $15k

Phase2: $25k (for further development and bounties)

Phase3: depending on demand, it will be initiated.

How will these funds be used? (Only for conviction voting)

Phase1: Funds will be allocated to core builders.

Phase2: Funds will be allocated to core builders and rewards mechanism.

How will you share progress?

We will give updates each week on the 0mega Working Group call.

WG updates on forum, open access in Phase 2 and liaising with Comms WG to attract more curators and publicise.

Project information (if applies)

Each week in TEC community call and WG 0mega Working Group call we share updates on TE Consilience Library.

Team Information

mert, sebnem, nic, manu, durgadas, letty, juank [TEC and TS members

on-call: sebnem (compsci, CEF), kojak (economics, finance, token economy), steff


I’m excited for this to be built so that there will be more learning resources to direct budding TEs towards :partying_face:

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I am very excited for this project ! We the token engineers will have a unique research and learning hub :v:t5:

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Happy to help and contribute with this initiative, will add content through discord (stef) & notion (rezgauche.be)

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Indeed it’ll be unique in its transdisciplinarity incentivization; and incentives for new entrants as well as OGs to share their gm stories… we almost have an oral tradition in TE, seeing it in the TE Consilience Library inscribed makes me very excited.