How to contribute to the TE Consilience Library - an open call for TE OGs!

How to contribute to the TE Consilience Library — an open call for TE OGs!

As we traverse in full swing the first weeks of 2022, it’s high time for us in the Omega TEC community to give an update on our plans and how you can participate in them.

You may have already heard about the Consilience Library initiative: an ambitious yet accesible common library to learn and share around the emerging field of token engineering. Not only that, the real background of this resource is based upon first principles thinking and ethics/philosophical theories so a whole new paradigm in creating socio-economic structures will be covered. This library will be also embedded within socio-economic incentives to recognise both the author’s and learner’s efforts.

Photo by vnwayne fan on Unsplash

Definition of consilience:

the linking together of principles from different disciplines especially when forming a comprehensive theory.

After endless and fruitful high-levels discussions within participatory research groups, we decided to keep things simple and help our incoming seed curators share their hand-picked top selections and rationale for doing so.

So, if you read this or get our call for help, you may follow the next steps:

  1. Decide where you would like to focus your curation on:

Cryptoeconomics Foundations Paper, by S. Voshmigr and M. Zargham

a. You can choose which petal/area of the crypto-economic flower.

b. You can create an original curation focus, with an underlying principle or theory that links together several crypto-economic patterns or disciplines.

  1. Add resources directly related to the area you have chosen. These could be academic papers, blog posts, excerpts from books, videos etc.

a. You can choose to add your own content.

b. You can also choose to add others’ content.

For both a and b, we encourage that you include a curator’s explanation on why you think those resources are important. Try to keep the number of your resources chosen between 5 and 10 (we know, it’ll be hard!).

  1. If you are already leading a learning session within your online groups which you think may be a great addition for the library’s goal and a great resource for all token engineers, please add it on the library learning calendar.

  2. Save your seed curation. You are one of the first!

This is only the beginning of the Consilience Library and we plan to open-source this to the whole community after these seed curations are ready. Our road-plan include links to other learning and professional practice programs + work with like-minded DAOs/communities.

Stay tuned when this happens and wait for a new post on “what to do next” when you exhaust all library seed resources and are ready to keep going on your learning journey within the web3 ecosystem.