Quiet Ending Period and Quiet Ending Extension

Quiet Ending Period is a sectioned off period of the vote at the very end of the vote duration. If a vote outcome has been flipped from yes to no or vice versa during this time it will trigger Quiet Ending Extension. This parameter will extend the vote duration for the specified amount of time. It will continue to trigger if the vote is flipped again during this time.

Questions to consider:

  • Why is it important to protect against last-minute vote flipping?

  • How will shortening or lengthening this period affect the vote?

  • Given that delegates and voters can only vote once and cannot change their vote once it is cast how
    does this impact Quiet Ending Extension?

  • Why is it important to extend the vote if the anticipated outcome has recently changed?

  • What other considerations should we take into account in determining this parameter?