Proposal Inverter Dogfood model (Shared PrimeDAO-TEC Proposal)

The ‘Proposal Inverter’ (PI) is a high-demand DeFi component since the inception of the DAO ecosystem. The proposal inverter inverts the DAO-proposal relationship. Such that, instead of having many proposals for a single DAO, we will have many DAOs for a single proposal. This enables the collaborative funding of proposals that benefit multiple DAOs throughout the ecosystem. The Proposal Inverter is a collaborated effort by Longtail Financial, PrimeDAO and the Token Engineering Commons. After months of development and weekly iterated feedback, the Proposal Inverter is nearing completion. The remaining work to be done include UI development/testing, smart contract deployment, the recommendation engine and further promotion of the product. The team has been working on a dogfood model, where the team uses the product itself to ensure efficient usability for the client. One can find more details to the dogfood model here:

A joint proposal for the stakeholders of the Proposal Inverter has been under development as well, one can access it through this link: