Hatch Tribute - Deep Dive

What is the Hatch Tribute?

The Hatch Tribute specifies what % of the funds raised by the Hatch are not redeemable. All other funds raised will be able to be redeemed by TECH Token holders.

  • If the Commons Upgrade occurs, the funds from the Hatch Tribute will go to the Funding Pool to create public goods for the field of token engineering and fund DAO Operations via Conviction Voting.
  • The Hatch Tribute is effectively a tax levied on the Hatchers to be allocated fund TE Public Goods
    • A high Hatch Tribute will guarantee extra funds go to the final Commons’ Funding Pool to support TE projects but may dissuade Hatchers to contribute and likely mean a smaller Hatch.
    • A low Hatch Tribute will allow the Hatchers to be able to opt out of the Commons Upgrade with more of their funds, if they don’t like the plan, and likely lead to a larger Hatch.

So what do we need to decide?

  1. What Information should we use to determine the Hatch Tribute?

Note: This post was updated to reflect the 2 part launch, originally the Hatch Tribute was the funds sent to the Funding Pool that is governed by conviction voting.