Governance Token Engineering Guild

Governance Token Engineering Guild

Let’s start a new special interest group at TEC - a network to focus on Token Engineering in the context of Governance!


With the TEC Token Launch we’ve entered a new phase for our community. Thanks to the Governauts Initiative and the DAO Rewards Systems Research initiative at TE Academy we have been able to make new connections and create awareness. Many projects reached out for support in simulations and a rigorous engineering process for their governance design.
We know that we are in the early days, and there’s just little experience and best practices for Governance Token Engineering.

With the Governance Token Engineering Guild we’ll create a platform that is:
a) attractive particularly for engineers/data scientists/mathematicians in our community and at the same time provides
b) a safe space to learn, experiment and support each other.


  • Provide a platform to meet and connect
  • Create a guild to analyse token and governance related challenges, get and provide feedback
  • Attract promising (junior) Token Engineers, such as TE Fundamentals graduates
  • Support in finding opportunities to grow, like internships, project-based collaborations
  • Explore sustainable value flow models for TEC

How will this working group/guild benefit the TEC community:

  • Attract members with the right skills to Token Engineering (Scientific Computing, Modelling&Simulations, Political Science etc.)
  • Create an interface TEC <> DAOs and Governance researchers
  • Boost TEC token demand (long-term)

What would be considered a success vs. failure (in the next 6 months)?


  • We’ve established a sustainable group of 10 guild members
  • We’ve defined our collaboration policies (member selection, roles, rewards)
  • We’ve collaborated on 2-3 governance challenges, goals/deliverables to be defined
  • We’ve established a network of 10 DAOs, DAOs workstreams and research teams we are connected with
  • We find a model to create TEC token demand and prove traction


  • We achieve none of the above


For the start, we’ll continue with activities we’ve already started with TE Academy. We’ll invite first guild members and run a kick-off. Additionally, we’ll set up policies for our group, such as: Create a funnel for cases to discuss. Decide on formats and activities - basically, what makes the group most attractive to its members (supply).

In the second phase, we’ll roll out activities, like we’ve received first requests from teams who are working on rewards models. We’ll invite them to present and provide feedback, etc.

In the third phase, we’ll review the potential for value streams and see what form of organization(s) works for us. The result can come in many forms: organizing internships, a TE Consulting group, a network of collaborators teaming up temporarily for grants proposals, etc. – it’s up to the group to decide.

After the third phase, we most likely spin off a dedicated working group to develop a token model for TEC value streams. Ideally, at this stage we already have 2-4 additional similar special interest groups at TEC (like data analytics/data science, security & defense, tokenomics) who can equally benefit from the model.

Phase 1: April-June 2022
Phase 2: June-July 2022
Phase 3: July-October 2022

Phase 4/spin-off: November 2022

Team (confirmed):

We would like to have this be a relatively closed guild with an approval process for new members to join, so we can keep the focus on modeling and simulations. This process will be defined in the first meeting of the current group.

Thomas Eisermann/ PrimeDAO
Emerick /
Zhiwei Li
TE Academy as a partner to scout for members (> 1000 sign ups for TE Fundamentals by now/ 27 PhDs/ 36% background in Engineering, 20% background in Math, Physics)


Praise and credits to @akrtws who wrote and envisioned this proposal :zap:


Excellent idea, happy to contribute.!