CV Transparency WG Funding Proposal (May to July 2022)

24k on marketing, wonder why they are for🤔 we can pay it anyway but would love to know in advance since our budget is very tight

I’m paid 400 wxDAI for 21 hours per month and that doesn’t cover the several hours I spent making the audit newsletter.

UPDATE: we’ll reassess our Comms budget so as not to take away from Transparency’s and so I withdraw my compensation request.

We can definitely discuss this and explore alternatives, but I don’t think trying to bill other WG’s is the right thing to do.

There are many options in which this gathering of information that the newsletter takes can be recognized and covered for, like the WGCL position that the Comms Stewardship has a budget for and hasn’t been fulfilled since I requested time off for vacation.

In general, I would avoid demanding a payment as a way to deal with any situation around differences in the way the TEC recognizes and compensates for work.

I’m requesting 57 WXDAI for my contributions to Transparency WG in August:

1hs - dune bugfixes and amendments, including following up on failed queries, passing in parameters in dune within html request;
2hs - master sheet bugfixes, including bug where two wg’s were not being passed through; amending sampo to incorporate usdc+xdai as one in charts.

Definitely this will not affect our budget, but what I’m trying to say is that we don’t even need to format the audit again the job done by @Efra is the final version of it and we should distribute that one not make a new one. We just need to communicate ourselves better and thank you Manu for pushing those efforts :pray:t2:

I’m requesting 228 WXDAI for my contribution to the Transparency WG during August, which was:

  • Research and Designing Graphic Version of the Audit

I’m doing a shortened version and linking Efra’s final version because I’m of the opinion that people will not want to go over a dozen pages of information, regardless of how valuable they are to our Commons. Instead, I assume they will only want to review the main insights from the audit. The HubSpot analytics on recipient engagement will let us know if I was right or wrong.

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I’m requesting 156.75 WXDAI for my contributions to Transparency WG in August:

  • Multisig payment and sync w/ Zep
  • Updated the decision tracking sheet and created the graphics for the audit
  • Edited typos and sentence structure in other sections in the audit Google Doc
  • Recreated the payment sheet for Aug-Oct
  • Reviewed figma

I’m just going to chime in because it seems like Mount Manu requested funds for the wrong reasons; in the process of making the Audit Newsletter (in which I am also helping), @Mount_Manu spotted a few errors and offered to work on them instead of just delegating to other Transparency member.

That being said, I believe he should be compensated for the work that fell outside the domain of Marketing/Comms, and revisit his compensation on Marketing if the Audit Newsletter isn’t compensated properly, these are both different things and shouldn’t be an issue, specially for $50 bucks.

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the issue is not the money, is the comunication and coordination, and just raised it so we do better in the future.

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