Commons Upgrade Parameter Runoff - Vote for Ostrom's 1 million dollar baby for TEC commons config #84

Trying to follow Ostrom’s principles has been one of our biggest guidances until now. Why not continue with that inspiration for the configuration of the commons upgrade?

The champion of this proposal is @juankbell :slight_smile:

This proposal is fun, secure, and allows stability and change.


The total vesting period is 80 weeks, 40 weeks of freeze and 40 weeks of thaw. No longer than 2 years and the length of the period was chosen by the time that it requires a baby to be born.

Module 1: Token Freeze & Token Thaw

Parameter Value
Token Freeze 40 Weeks
Token Thaw 40 Weeks
Opening Price 0.63 wxDAI

Module 2: Augmented Bonding Curve

Parameter Value
Commons Tribute 78.00%
Entry Tribute 8.00%
Exit Tribute 2.00%
*Reserve Ratio 22.51%

This is one of the coolest parts of our proposal. With the price of 0.63 we allow the initial buy to acquire a lot of TEC for the community, and at the same time to have a high 22% of reserve ratio that gives stability to our token. After the initial buy, price goes to 1.01 WxDAI that is the same price of the hatch, with 1 million dollars in the common pool and 500k of reserve - We propose to gradually modify the entry and exit tributes, so that in 6 months they gradually go from 8-2, to 2-8.

*This is an output. Learn more about the Reserve Ratio here.

Module 3: Tao Voting

Parameter Value
Support Required 88%
Minimum Quorum 8%
Vote Duration 7 day(s)
Delegated Voting Period 4 day(s)
Quiet Ending Period 3 day(s)
Quiet Ending Extension 2 day(s)
Execution Delay 1 day(s)

*Mostly defaults from the hatch DAO, we only changed 1 day of delegated voting period.

Module 4: Conviction Voting

Parameter Value
Conviction Growth 3 day(s)
Minimum Conviction 3.0%
Spending Limit 9.0%

We expect to have proposals for 20-50k that work like milestones to have accountability towards proposers. This makes it relatively easy to pass proposals this size with 3% minimum conviction in different time lapses.

Vote for this proposal in tokenlog! #84