Which Tao Voting Graph is better?

Tao Voting Graph V1

Tao Voting Graph V2

For full context you can check out the Figma Prototype

  • V1
  • V2

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haha it is unanimous!! Who woulda thought…:green_heart: That shows how cohesive our community is…or maybe how awesome Graph # n is heh heh! No pressure…just vote :slight_smile:


The nested one just looks more aesthetically appealing to me. Same amount of information, less visual clutter. :nail_care:t6:

Also a fan of the color palette :art:

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Found out that Pedro, the hero working on the front end spent 2 hours trying to do this and had trouble making it happen with the library we have…

WE WILL CHANGE IT! But it might be deprioritized until after we get all the other modules done and people can use it.