What is the Kids Education fund? (snapshot proposal)

:point_up_2: What’s happening here? :thinking:

I searched the forum and the server and didn’t see what this was all about, did I miss a memo?

Looks like this is some sort of troll proposal.

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What will we do about these sorts of things?

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I search for this person also on hatcher list, and it didn’t show up.

If I am correct @ZeptimusQ is working on fixing this issue.

I changed the permissions so right now only people whith TECH tokens (just need 1 :D) can create a proposal. It should prevent spam at least for now since only hatchers have TECH in the future we could change it to have an X amount of TEC to prevent spam. Or at least if they wanna spam they should buy some tokens and fund our funding pool.

My personal feeling would be just ignored it, that being said people sometimes fall into those so we could also delete them if that’s what we think it’s the best. I think we shouldn’t delete them because on the real DAO we won’t be able to delete, we can’t protect everyone sometimes people learn the hard way :man_shrugging: