Voter Pamphlets

What would help you make an informed decision about the Commons Upgrade runoff votes?

         📢 Help us design the best voter pamphlets  

These are some points shared in the last Soft Gov call:

  • How will this proposal affect the TEC in the future

  • Should subjective opinions from community members be shared in the pamphlets?

  • Have one pamphlet that is very objective and one that has opinions from the community

  • Pick top 5 key params to compare between proposals

  • Ask objective questions to the proponents and have a page with their answer.

  • Concise with pros and cons of each proposal

  • Separate params on different spectrums for example: Very inclusive to new members x hatchers can hold voting power for longer – and connect proposals to the respective one.

  • Consider each proposal on worst case scenarios.

  • The target audience might be outside of the people who voted now - how can we simplify a layer further?

Other points to consider

Token Freeze - Token Thaw and Total Vesting Period

  • What is the ratio between the freeze and the thaw?
  • Is this incentivizing long term sustainability?

Opening Price

  • Should the psychological effect of the token affect the opening price? What are other important factors?
  • How does the opening price affect hatchers considering the total vesting period?
  • How does the opening price affect new token holders?

Common Pool fund

  • How does this amount advance token engineering?
  • Does it impact voter behavior?

Conviction Voting

  • How many proposals will be completed before the total vesting period ends?
  • How much subjective value do we need from proposals to secure the economy?

Freeze versus conviction growth

  • Shorter curves have a higher minimum conviction
  • Longer curves need a lower minimum conviction
  • Will everyone in the community have a chance to participate in votes? What is a comfortable min time for proposals to pass?
  • What is the largest proposal that could pass?
  • If x% of voters are active, what can they pass?

Entry - Exit Tribute

  • High entry tribute - low exit tribute implies active governance
  • High exit tribute implies more money in the common pool but might not have active governance
  • Entry tribute is a market regulator, how will entry, exit tributes likely change over time?

Reserve Ratio

  • How gradually do we want the governance decentralization to happen?
  • Volatility generates funds x higher reserve ratio is more fair for people coming in late.


  • If there is a low reserve ratio, the quorum should be higher
  • Consider our current token distribution - how many people can pass a proposal?

Delegated Voting

  • The more serious we take the delegation, the higher the quorum can be