Vote to select the start date of the vesting period

Selecting the start date of the vesting period


We want to decide exactly when will hatchers vesting period start, because the deployment of the commons will take some days once the parameters are chosen, and there are some events that it can be associated to, so we will be running a snapshot vote let the community decide its preferred option.

Proposal description

We are making a snapshot vote for deciding when the vesting should start… (link to the vote)

There are 4 options… The Freeze can start

#1 At the HatchDAO vote (Jan 13th)
#2 When CV Opens (Jan 19th/20th)
#3 When the ABC opens (Jan 24th/28th)
#4 Whenever Griff, Sem, Paulo, Nuggan and Vitor decide.

Additional information to add

Vote link on snapshot to be added to this post. Voting type will be Quadratic ranked choice voting.
Date of the vote: from Friday 7th of January 5:00 pm EST to the Thursday 13th of january at 3:00 pm EST - To have this vote happening at together with the Commons upgrade runoff.

How does this proposal benefit the community and/or the field of Token Engineering?

This vote helps to avoid ambiguity of dates in the community and allows collective participation on the time that the selected proposal’s vesting period will start.


Can we perhaps make a quick link to the recording of the call & the part where this was discussed? Wish there was a bit more explanation of the implications of each option to help in making decisions. @ZeptimusQ

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