Vote Bolshevik's Gambit (v4) for TEC Commons Config!

This is my time to shine! I am announcing my nomination for The Bolshevik’s Gambit fork with Revolutionary Opening Price and Iron Curtain Conviction Voting

We are charting out into new territories of ideology, coalescing into forms of governance and economics. We have rallied a strong community around our cause with our Trusted Seed. We should be confident in our cultural build to guide us to where we need to go without imposing technical red tape on our primary revolutionaries.

We have to recognize that the TEC at launch will not be same force as it will be in 6 months. We can expect to expand and mature with time and our post-launch settings will adjust to reflect our evolution. I have outlined envisioned changes in this proposal.

A low opening price reduces the sell pressure once we go post token freeze, likely adhering hatcher’s to our mission rather than salivating like wild beasts over the token price. However newcomers will want to take part and the buy pressure with such a low opening price will be considerable. with an ample entry tribute we can hope to secure a further amount of funding, while slightly dissuading sells with a slightly higher exit tribute.

The relationship between our reserve balance and reserve ratio will provide us with an interesting price volatility in the beginning. This is due to having such a low reserve balance, but becomes more stable as it increases because of a solid reserve ratio of ~20%. Volatility is a feature of most revolutions - we have solid foundations however and things will stabilize with time. We capture DAO funds from this volatility and use it to fund our Common’s objectives.

Tao Voting allows us to react to any discrepancies between delegates voting and the will of the community, giving ample time to react in case of contention or incongruence between the two parties. In an uncontested vote we can hope to complete a Tao Vote in one week.

In this fourth edition we combine some insights I gleaned into the heart of conviction voting while designing the conviction voting settings for Giveth with Griff and Lauren. Welcome the Iron Curtain because it will protect us from outside forces draining our common resources!

Here’s the raw parameters:


Module 1: Token Freeze & Token Thaw

Parameter Value
Token Freeze 12 Weeks
Token Thaw 52 Weeks
Opening Price 1 wxDAI

Module 2: Augmented Bonding Curve

Parameter Value
Commons Tribute 70.00%
Entry Tribute 8.00%
Exit Tribute 10.00%
*Reserve Ratio 19.34%

*This is an output. Learn more about the Reserve Ratio here.

Module 3: Tao Voting

Parameter Value
Support Required 88%
Minimum Quorum 8%
Vote Duration 6 day(s)
Delegated Voting Period 3 day(s)
Quiet Ending Period 2 day(s)
Quiet Ending Extension 3 day(s)
Execution Delay 1 day(s)

Module 4: Conviction Voting

Parameter Value
Conviction Growth 7 day(s)
Minimum Conviction 4.0%
Spending Limit 18.0%

For more info read on in the Github Issue or DM me!

If you want to come down the road comrades please show your support for this proposal for our Glorious Commons Configuration by commenting on this post!

Onward to Revolution!


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Also if you’re really bullish on this proposal you can always throw it your vote via tokenlog