Upala - price of forgery digital identity

Upala Digital Identity

Proposal Information

Proposal Description:

Upala - proof of personhood system. It provides human uniqueness scores. User account score is valued in dollars and equals to the cost of forging the account. The cost is discovered iteratively through incentives encoded into protocol.

With Upala, DApps receive very reliable and clear metrics of how much a user values their ID. Existing anti-Sybil systems (e.g. Bright ID, Idena, Proof of humanity) can use Upala as an additional quality control and incentives layer. With Upala, any human-verification method (Sms, CAPTCHA, GitHub membership, etc.) can be monetized.

Proposal Details:

The full Upala infrastructure is here and the roadmap is here (please check both “Progress” and “Cost” views). Milestones include smart contracts, user front-end, DApp libraries, tool for group managers, storage and audit.

Within this proposal I want to fund the development of the front end. It is called the MultiPassport app. It will allow users to create Upala ID, monitor their scores across groups and delete their ID for money if they want to break bad (this is how the protocol works).

More info:

Expected duration or delivery date:

The front-end part requires 6 weeks. The entire project launch is approx 7 months away (please see the "Cost view of the roadmap).

How does this help Token Engineers and benefit the Token Engineering community?

A reliable anti-Sybil system is crucial for projects dealing with voting, universal basic income, advertisement, loans, etc. Quadratic funding could be fairer. Lending platforms could use Upala ID as collateral and thus provide cheaper services. Upala can also expand beyond web3, replace CAPTCHAs and KYCs. Solving the unique human problem will bring a variety of new use-cases for Ethereum and will boost adoption in the long run. After crypto-currencies and smart contracts a truly decentralized digital identity is probably the next big step towards a better society.

As identity is a very sensible point, one of the risks of not making (funding) it right is losing control to wrong entities. That is why grants are important.

Team Information

Peter Porobov - Research, Smart Contracts - Full time

Entrepreneur, programmer. Founded and co-founded startups in 3d-printing, art and drones. Created a charity project on Ethereum, now building Upala Digital Identity.
https://github.com/porobov, https://twitter.com/porobov_p

Andrei Bolkisev - Advisor (architecture) - Part time

Andrei Bolkisev is an information systems engineer and programmer with 13 years of experience and Ph.D. in computational physics.
https://vk.com/blksv, https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Andrei_Bolkisev

Boris Chirkov - Solana - Part time

Researcher, developer (Java, C, C++, Python). Developed fire detection systems. Contributed to Semux block-chain.

A full-time developer will be hired for the job.

Funding Information

Amount of tokens requested: $15,000

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0xddB1CB4EdBCD83066Abf26E7102dc0e88009DEAB

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

  • UX design (design + Figma prototype) - $5000
  • Front-end for users (MultiPassport app) - $1000

Welcome to the Forum, @porobov_p! Nice to see Upala’s proposal here!

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Glad to be here! Please treat the proposal as a draft)). Would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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