Transparency Audit Proposal

As TEC is a value-driven community, we believe that transparency plays an important role in exercising integrity in our community. The Transparency WG has been documenting the calls/meetings and making sure that the project updates are available to the community members and the general public through Youtube videos. However, we feel that we can go beyond the videos to promote and reinforce transparency and integrity in our community. So, the idea of transparency audit was brought up in one of our weekly calls.

We would like to seek your feedback on our audit proposal before we proceed with Forum Voting. Any input will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

What is our goal?

The goal of the audit is not to impose transparency across the WGs, but to provide guidance on how all of us can be transparent with our actions and decisions. While this will not be mandatory, we strongly encourage the participation of all WGs.

Why is it important?

The transparency audit will serve as a tool for mutual monitoring, practicing accountability, and community engagement.

What’s the desired outcome?

A report that measures the transparency level of each WG through a set of criteria. From this report, the Transparency WG and the auditee will be able to identify the areas where transparency needs to improve. The Transparency WG will then provide recommendations on how to increase their transparency score.

How will the community benefit from it?

  • This will give them better insights/guidance on being transparent with their documentation, actions, and decisions.
  • The documents and information will be reviewed for accuracy and made available to all community members.
  • This will increase trust between the community members through mutual monitoring.

What’s the proposed process?

The detailed process is to be finalized yet after we gather the votes and feedback. But here’s the general process that we are proposing:

  1. The Transparency WG will create a set of criteria/checklist for the audit. This criteria will be reviewed by topic experts and WG representatives.
  2. We will perform trial audits on a few select WGs before completely rolling it out.
  3. The audit will be done via questionnaires/forms so the participants can complete it at their convenient time.
  4. The Transparency WG will check the completed audit questionnaires and provide feedback on the transparency level of the participating group. The frequency and schedule of audits will be identified after the trial audits. Having said that, the WGs are welcome to request transparency checks anytime.

Any blocker we might have?

When do we plan to start the audit?

Trial audit: Before the Hatch
Official audit: After the Hatch


This is an awesome idea for mutual monitoring!!
I suggest that the set of criteria for the audit is added here before submitting it for voting, so everyone can have a complete picture of what is going to be implemented :slight_smile:

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