Translations Proposal Season 2

Proposal title

Translations T.E.A.M. Season 2 Funding Proposal


After you finish writing the proposal, summarize your requests in bullet points.

Proposal description

… it’s not only about sophisticated economic designs. The experience of economic participation, the perception of money, and access to wealth vary greatly around the globe.

The TEC and the token engineering field are distributed across the globe and the Translations T.E.A.M. aims to provide resources to cater the needs of both TE and TEC-specific (history and culture) resources.

On the previous proposal, good rationale was shown to express why Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and Chinese were selected as the key languages to Translate our articles into, and as seen on Save the Planet with Token-Based Economies, the first cohort of local hosts are in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and some of them have a mix between English and indian languages.

Having all this in mind, we decided to continue the translations efforts in Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese. Chinese is left out in this season because a) the TEC is trying to reduce spendings as much as possible to be able to survive in this bear market and b) even though China is big on crypto, there’s no evidence that we have an engaged enough audience yet.

A few groundbreaking changes to this group:

  • We’ll be using Gnosis Guild’s Tabula - a Mirror-like web3 solution that gives us the opportunity to generate one blog per language that can be managed with a single multisig.
  • Introducing language managers - These are trusted and experienced members of the TEC community that will help to ensure quality and consistency for each language as well as manage the blog account for their respective language.
  • QAs are now a responsibility of language managers - Under the previous scheme, QAs were a bounty for 10% of the cost of the translation, this was usually too little money and letting anyone do the final check doesn’t make much sense.
  • Improvements to our DeWork Space, now with a dedicated board view for each language
  • Fluid leadership - This group is fairly small and easy to manage, and as I have another responsibilities across the TEC and other communities, I’m exploring options to give the opportunity to members of the TEC to help out here.

What are we going to translate:
We’re going to translate a total of 15 articles, you can see a comprehensive table of content on the “Season 2” sheet here.

Additional information to add

How does this proposal benefit the community and/or the field of Token Engineering?

Translating TEC articles not only helps diversify and augment the reach of our community but also provides great information and education about the field, which is possibly the area we’ve done the most work at. Translating TE is a public good.

Amount requested (Only for Conviction Voting)

$10,000.00 WXDAI

How will these funds be used? (Only for conviction voting)

Ideally, we are going to translate and post 3-4 articles in each language per month, which would put the duration of this proposal somewhere around 3 months.

This budget can be divided in two:

  • Bounty loot size: $5,642.12
  • Management: $3,920.00

Breakdown of the cost per article and the rationale behind this budget on the “Season 2” sheet here

What does success look like?

  • We post 3-4 articles/month
  • Our articles are used by TE Academy and other international initiatives
  • We see a (slight) bump in contributors and contributor diversity at the TEC

How will you share progress?

There’s various ways to keep track of our work, you can check our DeWork and meeting notes, as well as the blog publications we’ll be making.

Project information (if applies)


Team Information

Here are the handles of the people that have contributed to Translations:

Complementary information

I just want to put a small personal note on here, I really hope that in future versions we are able to translate articles and documents outside of the TEC blog. I do believe there’s a lot of power into localising TE.

Happy to answer any questions.

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