Token Singularity: Summoning TokenGPT / TokenGaia

Token Singularity: Uniting TEC and TEA to Create TokenGPT / TokenGaia


This proposal envisions a strategic alliance between the TEC and TEA, culminating in the creation of - “is that tea I see?” With the combined expertise and resources of both communities, we aim to develop TokenGaia GPT (Gaia), the world’s first AI-driven token engineering co-pilot. As the TEC’s initial goal of implementing Ostrom’s principles through tokenization hasn’t come to fruition, we pivot towards leveraging AI and LLMs to revolutionize tokenomics modeling and implementation. United, TEC and TEA can deliver a powerful token LLM for the web3 ecosystem, capitalizing on the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

The TEC has failed to build a tool that is useful to the world. Tools generate revenue and sustainability. Tools enable fundraising. This proposal aims to direct the TECs core attention towards developing a useful tool. We believe that if the TEC managed to build this tool, the TEC token should realistically be valued at 10-15m if traded via a DEX and not the ABC.

Proposal Details:

  1. Merge with TEA and establish a new mission charter: This strategic alliance will streamline our joint efforts in token engineering and AI integration. A new mission charter will outline the goals, vision, and roadmap for our collaboration, ensuring that both communities’ strengths are effectively harnessed.
  2. Develop TokenGaia GPT with an initial budget of $100k: TokenGaia GPT, or Gaia, is an AI-powered token engineering co-pilot that will automate CAD (Complex Adaptive Dynamics) and tokenomics modeling. The initial proof-of-concept (PoC) phase will be allocated a budget of $100k to cover research, development, and testing costs.
  3. Rebrand to As we pivot towards an AI-centric focus, we will rebrand the joint venture as, showcasing our dedication to harnessing AI’s potential in the token engineering space. This rebranding will attract attention from investors and the broader web3 community.
  4. April to June timeline for PoC development and initial testing: The TokenGaia GPT PoC will commence in April, with a target completion date of June. Following PoC completion, the TEA community will engage in fine-tuning and experimentation, conducting initial tests in real-world scenarios.
  5. Projected token price increase to $15m-$20m market cap: By merging with TEA and pivoting to an AI-driven approach, we anticipate a significant increase in token value, resulting in a market cap between $15m and $20m. This growth will provide the project with the necessary resources to further its development and expansion.
  6. Invest in business development to attract major web3 protocols as clients: With a solid PoC and a growing market cap, we will allocate resources to business development, securing partnerships with leading web3 protocols. These partnerships will ensure that TokenGaia GPT’s benefits are utilized by a broad range of projects, further cementing our presence in the token engineering landscape.

Recap core advantages of merging with TEA:

  1. TEA community of token engineers will be the tuners of the LLM model, they will be the prompters for business activities.
  2. TEA can utilise TokenGPT in education
  3. TEC will focus on TECH.

Projections of the impact of this proposal on the TEC economy:

Q2 Q3 Q4
Burn $250k $250k $400k
Influx $50k $300k $1m
Mcap 15m 30m 40m

Projected Token Price Increase and Market Cap Growth:

Our strategic alliance and AI-driven focus will increase token value, resulting in a market cap between $15m and $20m, providing resources for project expansion. AI tokens are in core demand, and TEC has the credentials to become a reputable project in the AI token space.

Business Development:

With a successful PoC and growing market cap, we will secure partnerships with leading web3 protocols, ensuring TokenGaia GPT’s benefits are utilized across the ecosystem and solidifying our position in the token engineering landscape.

Benefits for the Community and Token Engineering:

TokenGaia GPT will accelerate value-based token engineering, making the practice scalable and more efficient, moving away from lengthy discussions and complex papers.

Funding Request:

$35,000 xDAI is requested for the PoC development kick off. We estimate to require $150,000 for 6 months. If this proposal is accepted then a detailed proposal will be submitted before any funds are spent at all, and each milestone will be fully documented. The use of funds will be reviewed every 30 days. The majority of funds are dedicated to remunerating external developers and experts such as BlockScience to invest into birthing a fully functional PoC model.

Success Metrics:

By the end of June, we will have a working PoC of TokenGaia GPT. By July, TEC will be trading on a DEX, by August we will have a first paying client in excess of $20,000 revenue.

Progress Sharing:

Weekly community calls open to all members and continuous proposals will ensure progress is transparent and accessible.

Without their prior consent, we believe the following individuals might support this proposal:

  • Griff
  • Gideon
  • Angela
  • Paul

Furthermore, we are confident that if this proposal was properly worked out with an initial plan that it would re-engage many of the TEC’s long-lost talent.

Note: This proposal will not pay any team members or advisors for their work. For now.


I’m excited to add that I’m creating a $20,000 personally sponsored bounty in wxDAI, for TEC members or anyone really, to help with the execution and implementation of this proposal.

If you believe in the above, and want to help make this proposal a reality, you have the opportunity to join a small implementation team (max 5 people, likely 3-4). The prize will be split across the implementation team. If you join this challenge it is expected that you work 100% on it.

You could be:

  • ready to fight dragons
  • an operator / PM
  • a ML engineer
  • a fairy
  • a community / marketing wizard

Just respond here with your thoughts/ideas. We can start end of week and create a Discord sub-channel in TEC.


After some internal feedback and thought, I will pull/pause my proposal for now as I think its better if we implement / vote on the Joint TEC/TEA proposal first, which also includes some element of this proposal :slight_smile: so we can just consider this food for thought for now


I think this will be cleaner, Paul. The proposal from @akrtws and me actually wouldn’t be what it is without your push and inspiration.

There is real urgency here and it’s important that the community understands that. If we go slowly here, there’s a real chance we will loose this window in the fast-evolving world of LLMs.

We will come back and pull together a proposal that is more tightly scoped around implementing the Proof of Concept - to move all this forward.

Thanks for being the catalyst, Paul. :pray:

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