Token Census before the TEC Migration to Optimism

As of November 23, 2023, there are 735 addresses holding TEC tokens. Among these, only nine are contract addresses containing more than 0.15 TEC. Below is a detailed list as of the specified date, with an expectation of changes in the coming days due to individuals moving their TEC away from contracts.

Address TEC amount Type Comments
0xF41dEFf41016216346270e302DC0a5Dd4913DAdA 57,797 Safe Multisig Lasertag. 4 of 7 multisig.
0x71641d6656Ffb673F471EA292Ea09ac528CC4df2 43,579 HoneySwap LP TEC/WATER. 3 holders
0x98F6A05F0cf0a07c9Cb988ee152F346b34D6B8dA 30,506 HoneySwap LP TEC/GIV. 6 holders.
0xfDA4271CdFe69f8f8DF7f39B2248E775166ff632 6,816 Gardens Deposit Manager TEC Deposit Manager
0x5041A1C1DCC760337e99B03DB60FeAF5f6f6c802 5,196 Safe Multisig Blockscience. 2 of 4 multisig.
0x29567BdBcC92aCF37AC6B56B69180857bB69f7D1 3,196 Safe Multisig BCRG. 2 of 6 multisig.
0x4c8692CC08B14fA8B74B6f313394B8997aAd721d 1,311 HoneySwap LP TEC/HNY. 5 holders
0x596CE423627AeE56aa73DF29a8d86c2D65C8bf04 350 Safe Multisig TEC KYC. 1 of 1 multisig.
0x2769E63Ebc6cF6E9803eD87aEA125eB596a38f95 176 HoneySwap LP TEC/WXDAI. 7 holders

Analysis of this list reveals three distinct types of contracts:

  • Safe Multisigs: The owners of these multisigs have been contacted to move their TEC or redeploy their safes on the Optimism network, ensuring they receive the migrated TEC there.
  • HoneySwap LPs: The number of tokenholders for these LP tokens is limited, as indicated in the table. We plan to reach out to them individually.
  • Garden Deposit Manager: The deposited amounts will be automatically returned to the respective owners; no further action is required on their part.

We will overlook 12 contracts that collectively hold less than $0.20 worth of TEC for simplicity’s sake. However, these negligible amounts will still be minted on Optimism to maintain the overall token supply consistency.

Current Deposit Manager holders

These addresses will receive their TEC back automatically.

Address Amount
0x2E96053C70a92D9771c076E11fe4dDa87A989fDD 600
0xf632Ce27Ea72deA30d30C1A9700B6b3bCeAA05cF 600
0x3b067Af83F540cB827825a6Ee5480441a4237E77 420
0xaa79B87DC8B046A5E4f7D03F1562D7fe5BF98737 200
0xdec0DED0606B7d0560ADEBD6C3a919a671dB4D66 5
0x99272DB5353e13c18b711D99d3a8F36ba459f747 500
0xcf79C7EaEC5BDC1A9e32D099C5D6BdF67E4cF6e8 1
0x91b7377A3Dd7931Ad4757B60d7E859954B939E85 100
0x7d547666209755FB833f9B37EebEa38eBF513Abb 200
0x0a1f2e1a4585bbf5E54a894FffA74133654BfaDC 0.01
0xb760FE1bbC4A2752aBCBb28291a57Cb0cA99fF44 200
0x839395e20bbB182fa440d08F850E6c7A8f6F0780 400
0x826976d7C600d45FB8287CA1d7c76FC8eb732030 200
0xE73a198e7C07c418D7dcFd42f5E953074aBbD125 200
0x9690a9E92edadd9a4ff64da25eb6AD60791C37ff 240
0xDF290293C4A4d6eBe38Fd7085d7721041f927E0a 200
0x2171F0655712Bf4B5B1BcB7Fcb46c1D3386683eA 200
0x38f80f8f76B1C44B2beeFB63bb561F570fb6ddB6 400
0xB08F0ca73E8A59a1b7970e22B8ed2F9142c3fA53 300
0x6897aBe0fD62B589260784B21F4ca3F78A0D8017 600
0xA26d6AEB775a9528c012B748ACe66E3B0FD574cE 200
0xF8D1d34956cEa24718cf8687588D6FeDbc6d9AA6 200
0x763d7D362B59aeA3858a92a302e18cd41b1252d4 450
0x47a5BA5BE900fC22AD31BEC4c1ff54Df8e67cd70 400
Total 6816.01

This document constitutes the first deliverable of the technical migration to Optimism

You can find the source code used for gathering this data at:


I’d like to update the list of contracts holding >0.15 TEC at 12th of December 2023 here:

Address Amount Type Observations
0xF41dEFf41016216346270e302DC0a5Dd4913DAdA 57797.945682530541299014 Multisig Lasertag
0x71641d6656Ffb673F471EA292Ea09ac528CC4df2 48195.399491819372339857 Honeyswap LP TEC/WATER
0x98F6A05F0cf0a07c9Cb988ee152F346b34D6B8dA 32951.263735112791243754 Honeyswap LP TEC/GIV
0xfDA4271CdFe69f8f8DF7f39B2248E775166ff632 7216.01 Gardens contract Deposit Manager
0x29567BdBcC92aCF37AC6B56B69180857bB69f7D1 5668.581087 Multisig BCRG
0x5041A1C1DCC760337e99B03DB60FeAF5f6f6c802 5196.811482 Multisig Blockscience
0xF2130236412b8f6Ed7B19fb9cE6f3F4B8dc12867 2948.801255237 Multisig Reward Board TEC
0x4c8692CC08B14fA8B74B6f313394B8997aAd721d 1516.574726725663674599 Honeyswap LP TEC/HNY
0x2769E63Ebc6cF6E9803eD87aEA125eB596a38f95 184.219364679044334172 Honeyswap LP TEC/WXDAI

The previous list didn’t include the Reward Board TEC multisig by an error that happened when we imported the CSV into Google Spreadsheets. We are sorry for the inconvenience.