The TEC is Hiring!

As we step into this new year, the TEC Coordination Team has defined as one of our main priorities, to increase the team’s capacity in response to the evolving needs and focus of the TEC for the year ahead. That’s why we’d like to start the recruiting process for an Ecosystem Development Lead and Programs Lead. These positions will play a crucial part in helping the team and the TEC achieve new levels of growth and impact.

Please visit our job board to view the comprehensive job description for this position, and apply.

1. Application and Screening

  • Recruitment process will be announced and promoted through the TEC’s Forum, Discord and Twitter in an effort to maximize our network.
  • Interested candidates will use this job board to apply through a simple form, that includes basic info and CV upload.
  • A weekly review will be done by the Hiring Committee (TECAN); shortlisting candidates for potential interviews.
  • We will accept applications until the position is filled.

2. Interview and Assessment

  • The Committee will review submitted applications based on relevant experience, skills, and alignment with the TEC.
  • The Committee will conduct a series of comprehensive interviews with each shortlisted candidate to assess skills, cultural fit, and job-related strengths, along with providing insights into the TEC and DAO-work expectations.

3. Final Selection and Offer

  • Every week, the Committee will gather to review candidates.
  • Committee members will vote for the candidates.
  • Feedback will be shared with candidates, either a gentle negative, or extending a job offer if the vote is in favour of the candidate.

4. Onboarding and Trial Period

  • Further details will be shared with the individual through an intro call and resources about the team’s culture, principles, and benefits.
  • The candidate will go through a trial period of 2 months, with a review at 6 weeks by the Coordination Team and the Committee.
  • A decision on work agreement extension will be made by the Coordination Team and the Committee after the trial period.

[UPDATE] We’re delighted to announce openings not only for an Ecosystem Development Lead but also for a Programs Lead!

The Programs Lead will be crucial for the TEC’s development, and we invite those with the right skills and passion to check out the detailed job description on our job board and apply.


Hello, as a newbie to TE, may I apply to those roles? I have almost 4 years of blockchain and crypto background and knowledge, and I have also done some volunteer work in several university blockchain clubs as external relations (kind of like a BD) and community management.


Hi @0xdlr, of course. Please do.

Hello, @bear100 and @Tamara Where can one apply or upload CV for the part-time Grants Operator position that’s on the job board? Given my experience with QF rounds, I would like to apply for this and also amplify this opportunity in various communities including GreenPill in case there are more qualified individuals.

Please disregard as I understand that the position has been filled.

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