Technical fix allowing HatchDAO to execute payment

New vote: Technical fix allowing HatchDAO to execute payment for requested reimbursement of tollgate fee

Proposal Information


A second technical detail has surfaced during the execution of the One Time Change of TECH Addresses. We will submit a new vote to fix this issue. It will allow the HatchDAO to pay the tollgate fee reimbursement requested in the vote.


Additional permissions will be required for the HatchDAO to execute the One Time Change of TECH Addresses.The HatchDAO requires the permission to pay (in this case the tollgate fee), you can read more about it on this thread.

Proposal Details:

We will be taking these actions:

  • Pay the Tollgate fee of 1000 wxDai
  • Reimburse the Tollgate fee, sending 1000 wxDai
  • Grant permission to dandelion voting to transfer funds from the non-redeemable pool

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

Thursday(21-10-21) - Friday(22-10-21) as soon as the vote is active will announce it here

How does this help Token Engineers and benefit the Token Engineering community?

The intention to pass this proposal is to be able to execute One time change of TECH addresses that has already passed

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

These are the community members that will support and provide the initial funding for the tollgate fee for the Hatch DAO proposal.




Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of tokens requested:

1000 wxDAI from the non-redeemable pool in order to cover the tollgate fee


The vote is live: >> Vote #3 <<. It was launched on Monday at 21:40 CEST and it will be open until Friday 21:40 CEST. Sorry for the inconvenience, we have made sure that this is the last vote for this particular issue.


This vote has been executed on November 3rd 2021.

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