TEC Working Groups Weekly Update, Nov 1st

TEC Working Groups Weekly Update

Monday, November 1, 2021

Hello :wave:! Here are the Working Group updates from the last week. If you feel like you’re missing out, check out the calendar and join us in real time during any of our many calls.

No Spotlight this week (as we are reinventing its format).

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

  • End of Sprint 20 marks 40 weeks of working together
  • As always, check out our TEC Timeline here; and our TEC Handbook here
  • Also, our TEC Retrospective Miro board is open for everyone to see. In it we visualize in-house empirical findings: what has gone well, what can be done better, and what specific actions we can take to keep progressing successfully
  • We are refining our Steward Offboarding process so that there every 6 months there’s a natural expiration of Stewardship as well as an opportunity to renew the Stewardship
  • Glance over our latest Medium article, written by Nate and titled “Commons Upgrade Preparation, 1st HatchDAO Vote, and Community Events”
  • Our ongoing DAO Book Club which meets every Saturday at 10 AM CET in their very own Discord server
  • Forum Highlight: If you see something in the community that you’d like to address, or some work that needs to be done, open an issue on one of our ZenHub’s workspace boards here

:dove: Gravity

  • Gravity’s ethos is to continue fostering competent conflict management for us personally, and for our community collectively
  • The 6th session of our 2nd Graviton Training concerned Decolonization and was hosted by Durgadas
  • Our 7th session will center around The Psychology of Human Leadership and will be hosted by me, Mount Manu, tomorrow Tuesday Nov. 2nd
  • Once again, our Nonviolent Communication (NVC) bookclub took place on Thursday in the DAO Bookclub server; we are currently on Chapter 5 of Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • Forum Highlight: 2nd Graviton Training Study Plan

:globe_with_meridians: Commons Swarm

  • We’ve been auditing our ABC and are now almost ready for our Commons Upgrade
  • Check out our new EVM-Crispr front-end: it allows non-developers to craft more intricate DAO proposals; a critical new piece of TE infrastructure
  • To prevent website downtime, Commons Stack has created several (redundant) sites for the management of our DAO: here, here, and here

:raised_hands:t4: Soft Gov

:houses: Communitas

  • After weeks of work, we’ve initialized our new Discord onboarding journey, specifically the verification and survey components. We will constantly be reiterating and improving on this approach
  • We synthesized some Community Analytics: check them out here
  • Wanna contribute? Check our Communitas WG Funding Proposal and comment on ways to co-create it together
  • Forum Highlight: Our Orientation Call is Wednesdays at 18:00 CET on the Community Hall VC; and our TEC Lounge is Fridays at 17:00 CET also on the Community Hall VC

:dizzy: 0mega

:microscope: Labs

  • Currently focusing on Rewards System Research: join us Fridays at 9am PST/6pm CEST (at our TEC Discord server)
  • For our Praise Evolution Taskforce: join us Thursdays at 7am PST/4pm CEST (at our TEC Discord server)
  • For our DAO2DAO Models Workshops: join us Wednesdays at 9am PST/6pm CEST (at the PrimeDAO Discord server)
  • For the Tokenspice Development Workshop: join us Mondays at 8am PST/5pm CEST (at the Token Engineering Academy Discord Server)
  • Forum Highlight: Solidity study group hosted by @metaverde: Nov 18 - Feb 24th

:satellite: T.E.A.M. (formerly Comms)

  • Thew new name of our WG will shift from Comms to T.E.A.M. (Token Engineering Amplify Messengers)
  • We’ll be organizing Param Parties in communities close to us
  • Our Creative Onboarding campaign continues and we are now looking for project managers, social media managers, graphic designers, and animators for contributors
  • Working on a framework for bounties and Comms-related project management
  • Post-Commons Upgrade manifesto will soon be unveiled!
    • Forum Highlight: DM @Mount Manu#3530 on Discord if you’d like to join this WG but don’t know where to start!

:male_detective: Transparency

  • In a joint effort with Communitas, we have compiled a Discord and Forum Analytics Report for all WGs (as opposed to doing individual reporting)
  • Forum Highlight: Our WG’s bi-weekly sync calls are on Mondays at 15:00 CET

:classical_building: Legal

  • We are working on a new draft of terms and conditions for the ABC
  • We are creating a WG Funding Proposal that’ll enable us access to readily available capital in the (improbable but possible) event of legal action
  • Forum Highlight: Join us every other Friday at 16:00 CET for a chance to contribute and learn more about the ABC’s legal framework

:robot: Params

  • New link for our Commons Configuration Dashboard (CCD)!
  • Ongoing design validation of the CCD
  • Currently on beta version testing of the CCD
  • Play with our dashboard here
  • Check our TEC Calendar for the date & time of our many Param Parties
  • Forum Highlight: Don’t hesitate to open an issue on ZenHub if you have suggestions on how to improve our CCD

:books: Thanks for reading the update this week! Be sure to check out the calendar to join us on a call! :phone: