TEC WGs Weekly Update: Mar 7 - 14

Monday, March 14th, 2022

Hello :wave:! These are the Working Group (WG) Weekly Updates for the week of Mar 7 - 14. Within this post you’ll find what’s been happening lately in and around our many calendar calls. If you feel like you’re missing out, join us in real time during any of our many syncs or check out our YouTube channel archive for hundreds of recorded calls.

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

:dove: Gravity

  • Our 6-month funding proposal, which is live on the TEC Garden, will have passed by the time you read this.
  • We’ve started a new book club around Margaret Wheatley’s Who Do We Choose To Be? We’ll meet every Thursday at 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET.
  • As a reminder, every Tuesday Leen and Jeremy host a practice session about Deep Democracy and Liberating Structures, respectively. These practice sessions will continue to be held weekly on Tuesdays. If you missed the last session, here’s its recording.
  • Forum Highlights:

:raised_hands: Soft Gov

  • We’re taking steps to be proactive on educating our community about our advice process and its place within our DAO’s governance:
  • We’ve also co-created a list of steps towards embodying Do-ocracy as an ethos. The crowdsourced feedback was the following:
    • The parts in red are notions that people feel prevent them from taking action.
    • The parts in green are the positive aspects that motivate people to take initiative.
    • The parts in yellow are suggestions on how to improve our current processes.

:houses: Communitas

  • We’ve reached 1,900+ members on Discord!
  • Recommended read: As mentioned above, Gideon distilled the spirit of our community-building efforts in his newest article TEC and Its People.
  • We completed the 1st compensation distribution of our WG, disbursing funds from our Commons pool to contributors for the first time.
  • Our very own Eduardo did a presentation for TE Academy’s Intro to Token Engineering. If this peaks your interest, consider signing up for the pre-registration of TE Academy’s TE Fundamentals course.
  • Last but not least, we’re working on an FAQ so if you have any interesting questions regarding anything & everything TEC, please contact me on Discord (Mount Manu#3530).
  • Forum Highlight: A weekly reminder that our WG has 3 different types of meetings:
    • Our WG Weekly Sync is Mondays at 8 pm CET / 2 pm EST.
    • Our Orientation Call is Wednesdays at 6 pm CET / 9 am PST.
    • Our TEC Lounge is Fridays at 4 pm CET / 7 am PST.

:dizzy: 0mega

:microscope: Labs

  • For the 2nd session of our Summon Your Own Discord Bot Army event, attendees learned how to set up their development environment by installing VSCode, Node, and DiscordJS. We also explained how to create a test server, how to authorise a bot to join the server, and how to write code to turn this bot online.
  • Our next session will go over learning how to send bot responses and discuss how messages work (e.g. message content, message embeds, and message ID)
  • Forum Highlight:
    • We’ve got a lot of events going on every week so we’ve compiled a calendar for you to join us on any of them.

:satellite: Comms

  • We currently have two funding proposals live on Gardens:
  • Our WG’s T.E.A.M. is comprised of 4 subgroups, which are:
    • TE Academy team (syncs on Mondays at 5 pm CET / 10 am CT); currently working on:
      • Preparing the outreach campaign for the TE Fundamentals course.
    • Twitter team (syncs on Mondays at 6 pm CET / 11 am CT); currently working on:
      • Planning this week’s tweets; coordination around this will happen during tomorrow’s Twitter Planning sync.
    • Animation & Video Production team (syncs on Mondays at 7 pm CET / 12 pm CT); currently working on:
      • Pre-production for the Rewards Quantification tutorial.
    • Translations team (syncs on Mondays at 9 pm CET / 2 pm CT); currently working on:
      • Our second batch of translations.
    • Hubspot team (syncs on Mondays at 10 pm CET / 3 pm CT ); currently working on:
      • The next newsletter email, as well as HubSpot forms to gather data.

:male_detective: Transparency

  • As a result of our credentials audit, we’ve created an Access Document that lists which members have administrator access to which platforms.
  • Moreover, we’ve compiled a spreadsheet showing all of the multisig holders for all of our different WGs.
  • If you missed it last week, we also compiled a list of guidelines that explain the protocols we follow for meetings within the TEC, as well as other relevant terms and disclaimers.
  • Last but not least, here’s our updated Gitbook which we are calling TEC Source.

:classical_building: Legal

  • We’re currently working on the following issues:
  • Forum Highlight:
    • Open call for legal experts: we’re looking for contributors with legal expertise in the DAO space; tag @iviangita on a Discord comment if you’d like to be involved.

:gem: Rewards

  • Our new dashboard’s first Praise quantification took place last week:
    • However, we currently have an open call for people wanting to become quantifiers: if you’d like to be involved, kindly message @divine comedian#5493 on Discord
  • As an aside, this forum post about SourceCred in the TEC adds context to what our WG seeks to accomplish.
  • Forum Highlight:

:books: Thank you for reading the WG Weekly update from Mar 7 - 14 :nerd_face: Check our calendar and join us on a call soon! :wave: Goodbye!

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