TEC WGs Bi-Weekly Update: Aug 01- Aug 14

Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Hello!:wave: Here is the bi-weekly summary of what has been going on here at the TEC.

Remember that you can always check our calendar to check on calls and events. You may also join us in real time during any of the syncs, or go to our YouTube channel archive for hundreds of recorded calls :tv:

:ear_of_rice: Stewards

Stewards: Tamara, Nate
Weekly Sync: Tuesday, 1PM EST/7PM CET
Sprint Planning: Every other Friday
Sprint Retrospective: Every other Thursday

  • We are on sprint #39. Here is the sprint board
  • On the Stewards Council, we talked about the transformation of stewardship in the TEC, as well as issues of decentralization and accountability.
  • We have gone throught the Pol.is WG feedback.
  • Also, we are exploring the idea of a Filecoin Foundation Grant.
  • And then, we have DevCon coming up. We are checking if anyone is interested so to organize TEC’s presence there.
  • Remember: you can easily help the TEC by retweeting :heart:

:dove: Gravity

Steward: Juan
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 11AM EST/5PM CET

  • The Third Graviton Training finalized!. We have 5 new gravitons that will be announced soon! :clap:
  • Join us on Mondays for observational research on psychology and wellbeing, lead by Bianca and Ana. For that purpouse, we ask you to fill our survey.
  • We are going to have a graviton get together.
  • On this Thursday, 18th, we’ll have a session on REFI bootcamp at 8PM CET.
  • On Friday, we are having the drafting of the 2nd proposal that we will submit to TEC at 5PM CET, and at 8PM CET we’ll have a website narrative & design call.
  • We also have a project on Giveth, and that means we can recieve donations from Giveth!
  • If you’re in need of help managing a conflict, you can make a request through our typeform

:raised_hands: Soft Gov

Steward: Livia
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 1PM EST/7PM CET

  • This past week we discussed the TEC token holder sentiment analysis, and how can we communicate more with them.
  • We are going to do a poll, and these are the topics on which we want to get feedback:
    • Financial
    • Organizational
    • Narrative
    • Relational
  • And this last week we also had a moment to look into this miro board. It was our first vision exercise within the TEC. It will help us find great proposals to fund.

:houses: Communitas

Stewards: Eduardo, Tamara
Bi-Weekly Sync: Monday, 2PM EST/8PM CET
Bi-Weekly Orientation: Thursday, 1PM EST/7PM CET

  • Here is Edu’s article about membership. It will be open for comment for a few more days.
  • On Monday 22nd, LBS will be providing a workshop of non-verbal communication. You are all invited to join!

:moneybag: Sampo

Steward: Gideon
Weekly Sync: Tuesday, 4PM EST/10PM CET

  • The Token Holder Discord Channel is in soft launch mode!
  • We have our Treasury Policy up for Snapshot community vote.
  • We are exploring a partnership with DAOstack and Tangible AI for our community content curation service.

:dizzy: 0mega

Steward: Sebnem
Weekly sync: Wednesday, 3PM EST/8PM CET

  • Check our 0mega hub to see what is going on in our WG.
  • We currently have 2 initiatives:
    • TE Consilience Library: we are going to have a design Spec Session with MagicPowered
    • TE Ethics Participatory Research: 1st Focus Group on TEC Value System

:microscope: Labs

Steward: Shawn YGG
Weekly Sync: Friday, 11AM EST/5PM CET

  • We are on hiatus as we rethink how to have a more seasonal version of Labs.

:satellite: Comms

Steward: Chuy
Weekly Sync: Tuesday, 12PM EST/6PM CET

  • Our calls are going to now be bi-weekly.
  • The Animation and Video Production T.E.A.M. is working on the quantifier tutotial final animation.
  • The marketing T.E.A.M. has the Newsletter #6 coming up.

:male_detective: Transparency

Stewards: Ivy, Zeptimus
Weekly Sync: Monday 11AM EST/5PM CET

:classical_building: Legal

Steward: Ivy
Weekly Sync: Every other Friday, 10AM EST/4PM CET

  • Open call for legal expters If you have a legal background & strong interest in decentralized technologies, we’d love to have you in our Legal WG. Contact our steward @iviangita on discord.

:gem: Rewards

Steward: Mitch
Weekly Sync: Wednesday, 2PM EST/8PM CET

:books: Thank you for reading the WG Bi-Weekly Update. Check our calendar and join us on a call soon! :wave: