TEC Rewards Distribution - Round 29

TEC Rewards Distribution - round-29 - 13/02/23 to 09/03/23

This period covers praise given between 13 February 2023 and 09 March 2023. We allocated 131.6087353 TEC tokens for rewards, using our new distribution system which boosts non-paid contributors. Some praise accounts still haven’t been activated so the total amount below will be less than what we set aside to distribute.

Out of the total rewards:

  • 90% of the tokens were given as praise rewards :pray:
  • 7% distributed among quantifiers :balance_scale:
  • 3% assigned to the reward board :memo:

This data has been reviewed by the Quantifiers and the Reward Board, and has been submitted for distribution to the Reward Board DAO

You can check out the full period analysis here. :bar_chart:

This post will be open to the community for review for 48 hours then submitted to the Reward Board for final execution. :heavy_check_mark:

The Rewards Distribution for this round is as follows:

Username Rewards in TEC
Marathonmind#3078 19.39430366
JHennyArt#2106 10.12338603
natesuits#4789 4.825903884
danlessa#2831 9.327921601
bear100#9085 4.599183567
roro#1166 7.449381834
divine_comedian#5493 5.198372975
acidlazzer#5796 3.20647305
itsyaboi#2591 5.765173767
GideonRo#3175 5.765173767
r-x-x#8344 2.513964841
BiancaGadelha#2667 1.327933283
EFRA#7972 1.624408174
Zeptimus#3359 0.9392698834
Isaac (enti)#1546 1.516114296
lee0007#8152 1.461967357
missing username 0.889557
missing username 0.889557
Juankbell#7458 0.3562747834
durgadas#9280 0.3562747834
metaverde#2503 0.7125495667
Nikola Creatrix#5026 0.7125495667
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The ten highest rated contributions for this round were the following:

Avg.Score To Reason
36.0 danlessa#2831 for his incredible support in writing the TE Stakeholder Study proposal. Danilo was proactive and generous with his time and knowledge and brought so much quality to our process which will directly impact the results if the proposals is approved.
28.75 roro#1166 for a very good article on using both Machinations and cadCAD in the TE process A Conversion Guide for Machinations and CadCAD | by Rohan Mehta | Feb, 2023 | Medium
23.5 Marathonmind#3078 for hosting a really interesting twitter space about the Reputation Research Group, well done team!
22.57 Marathonmind#3078 for presenting in the Rewards Systems Open Research Group Twitter Spaces where we covered Reputation & Expertise within web3. Thanks again for an amazing conversation and education session!
22.25 itsyaboi#2591 for shipping the final version of the praise quantifier and getting it live on youtube!
18.25 divine_comedian#5493 organizing the quantifier session, walking me through Praise’s analytics and answering all my questions - I learned a lot and it was amazing!! :fire:
17.0 natesuits#4789 for hosting a really interesting twitter space about the Reputation Research Group, well done team!
17.0 bear100#9085 for an awesome work-session on developing a comprehensive framework for a reputation system for the TE Community.
15.75 JHennyArt#2106 for hosting a really interesting twitter space about the Reputation Research Group, well done team!
15.0 GideonRo#3175 for his nonstop support and kindness. It’s an absolute honor to work with someone so genuine.