TEC Rewards Distribution - Round 22

This period covers praise given between 07 November 2022 and 17 November 2022. We allocated 409.20 TEC tokens for rewards. Some praise accounts still haven’t been activated so the total amount below will be less than what we set aside to distribute.

Out of the total rewards:

  • 90% of the tokens were given as praise rewards :pray:
  • 7% distributed among quantifiers :balance_scale:
  • 3% assigned to the reward board :memo:

This data has been reviewed by the Quantifiers and the Reward Board, and has been submitted for distribution to the Reward Board DAO

You can check out the full period analysis here. :bar_chart:

This post will be open to the community for review for 48 hours then submitted to the Reward Board for final execution. :heavy_check_mark:

The Rewards Distribution for this round is as follows:

Username Rewards in TEC
r-x-x#8344 95.9172
enti#1546 47.7001
GideonRo#3175 38.147
BiancaGadelha#2667 26.9754
Juankbell#7458 26.0326
divine_comedian#5493 22.752
Tamarandom#9361 18.5285
ddan#2489 11.8256
Nuggan#5183 11.4943
streamerd#5565 10.3542
bear100#9085 9.94547
durgadas#9280 9.53675
Maxwe11#7157 9.40529
Atotsm#5719 9.26427
innov8tor3#3988 7.6512
tigeroid#2951 7.29503
Mettodo#7010 7.08047
EFRA#7972 6.86591
natesuits#4789 5.04085
Zeptimus#3359 4.90461
JessicaZartler#2263 4.90461
Griff (:purple_heart:,:purple_heart:)#8888 4.63214
acidlazzer#5796 2.72479
SatoriD#2945 2.58855
Jeanne#8780 2.58855
withinthevacuum#2626 2.58855
ALOYSIOUS#3049 0.817436
rathermercurial#2096 0.817436
AnnAnna#4694 0.817436
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The ten highest rated contributions for this round were the following:

Avg.Score To Reason
34.0 enti#1546 for building this amazing tool for analyzing our discord messages, checking out how often words are used and grouping them by channels and authors!
30.75 r-x-x#8344 for the many hours he is putting into analyzing and refining credentials management - locking down access on critical platforms, coordinating with those that hold admin priviliges and devising a coherent secuirty method going forward. Really impressive.
29.5 GideonRo#3175 for the raw and heartfelt apology post on the forum this week and allowing such vulnerability to be and remain a core part of our culture. It is easier to criticize others that to take responsibility for ourselves. You do the hard stuff that needs to be done and serve as a model to others.
26.75 Juankbell#7458 for holding the Gravity space for all participants, even given differences of opinion, and championing two main threads in Gravity, namely trust creation and agreement, important in early group formation stages, and in dispute resolution, needed for more mature groups trying to stay on track
25.5 r-x-x#8344 for taking on setting up a new, more logical structure for managing all of the TEC’S most cirtical documents in a shared Google Drive folder. This is going to make keeping track of documents in this commons soooo much easier!
22.25 r-x-x#8344 for their proactive work on raising the TEC profile, both via Discord itself, and I particularly loved the word clouds to describe each working group. This is long overdue across TEC, and finally Rex has grabbed the nettle and remembered that folk outside TEC might just be interested in coming to help.
22.25 enti#1546 for surfacing the TEC’s dependencies on protocols, tools and other organizations and sharing them so that they can be assessed and addressed. This is a tremendous help to reducing risks.
22.25 BiancaGadelha#2667 for her steady and dedicated efforts to add a third strand to the Gravity mainstream elements, mental health at work. Also for her work with Twitter Live attracting a community of interest, and helping folk realise that Web 3 can care about its contributors, given the prevalence of burnout and sub economic subsistence
20.25 Tamarandom#9361 for her integrity and groundedness. Even in the middle of moving houses, Tam manages to prioritize things and be available to important matters. She is a translator of miscommunications and makes everything run smoother.
19.0 streamerd#5565 for their peace project, and an awesome Miro that can help folk navigate to elements they want to learn and engage in. It will be lovely to try to tokenise this, and see what value we can give to peace movements, especially in this time of raised global tensions and conflict.
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