Tao Voting - Minimum Quorum

What is the Minimum Quorum (%)?
The Minimum Quorum (%) is the percentage of all tokens from the total supply of TEC that must vote on a proposal in order for it to be valid.

Implications & Parameter Options
The Minimum Quorum (%) is measured as a percentage (YES Votes/TEC Supply), and you will have the option to set this parameter between 0 and 100.

The Minimum Quorum percentage sets a baseline of support by token holders that is required for a proposal to pass. This parameter ensures that there is enough participation in a voting event to consider the proposal valid. If you set a high Minimum Quorum %, you risk a proposal not being able to pass even when the Minimum Support % has been satisfied.

Quorum Suggested Range
Since there are very limited risks to a low Minimum Quorum, we suggest a range between 1%-15%.

Related Parameters to consider when defining the Minimum Quorum (%):
Support Required (%)
Vote Duration (days)

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Cannot a low Minimum Quorum open up the possibilities for manipulation by ill-intentioned members?

yes a very low minimum quorum can open up potential vulnerabilities but it all works in relativity with the conviction growth and spending limit parameters - you can play around with conviction voting and minimum quorum on the config dashboard - Config 4 | Commons Dashboard

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